Feb 23, 2015

Chapman: sorry, Gerard, I actually am an authority on health

University of Sydney Professor of Public Health Simon Chapman hits back at his fans in The Australian.

Over the weekend and this morning, The Australian’s Gerard Henderson and Simon King spent a lot of ink explaining to readers that I have “as much authority to discuss health affairs as I [Henderson] do. Namely, Zip.”


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35 thoughts on “Chapman: sorry, Gerard, I actually am an authority on health

  1. paddy

    Sometimes, it’s necessary to deliver a serious slapdown to the likes of Gerard & co.
    Bravo Dr Chapman.

  2. pritu

    Unfortunately, Paddy, it would be water off a duck ‘s back. They are without conscience. Or self respect.

  3. Simon Mansfield

    A priceless moment in taking out the garbage. Never forget, Henderson is not a journalist, a commentator or an analyst – he’s just grumpy old lobbyist.

  4. klewso

    Speaking of “smears”, poor old “Dobby” Henderson – remember the good old days when the monarch had a “Groom of the Stool”, now it seems even Toady, the court jester, has one or two?

  5. thelorikeet

    Henderson is an expert in being an expert.
    It is the shallow world of comment as substitute for analysis (or accuracy).
    Syrely even the Sydney Institute must see it time – oh, wait – forgot they’d have to get rid of both the Executive Director and his Deputy (wife) …
    Ah! The joy of “privately funded” institutions- nepotism does not count

  6. Pippa Tandy

    Henderson is also owed a slapdown for his churlish and spiteful comments at the conclusion of Insiders yesterday. Throughout the programme he looked like a man who has realised that his time is over but is going to flail away anyhow, and so he makes an infantile gesture to confirm that all he has left is a little spit of very venomous poison.

  7. KennyB

    He always look to me like he’s just shat in his pants.

    Maybe he has?

  8. Coaltopia

    Old man yells out cloud, or maybe the chem-trails created by a wind turbine. #Tinfoilers

  9. David Hand

    I eagerly await the next three weeks of exchanges of correspondence regarding your expertise, doctor.

    By the way, just so I get what this is about, are wind farms destroying nearby residents’ health or not?

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