After battling Rupert Murdoch and Jeff Kennett for many years, it has been refreshing to see these two old warriors of political power games subject themselves to questions and debate on Twitter over the past couple of weeks. Some 22 years after organising his family’s controversial investment in Hong Kong cladding company Guangdong Corporation, the former Victorian premier has finally admitted the bleeding obvious -- that there was substance to the concerns raised about his conduct. During his barnstorming seven years in power, Kennett never took a backward step. Journalists who raised governance issues were sued, pilloried or dismissed as negative whingers. Several lost their jobs. (All of this led to the creation of Crikey, by the way.) The most effective demolition of Kennett’s inappropriate share dealings was produced by Terry McCrann in this 1996 Herald Sun comment piece. When sent a link to the McCrann piece on Twitter earlier this month, Kennett finally offered up a mea culpa or sorts: