It seems appropriate that a website infamous for taking the piss has built up a reputation for no end of embarrassing leaks. To celebrate our 15th birthday, Crikey has put together a list of some of the most revealing scalps, scoops and exclusives that our intrepid investigators have used to afflict the comfortable, keep the bastards honest, speak truth to power, hold the government to account and, you know, have a giggle at a very potty-mouthed Alan Jones.

We don’t want to give too much away, so let’s play a bit of trivia: which political party was toppled by infighting and backbiting, all gloriously exposed — and facilitated by — Crikey? What was the true cost of Abbott’s cuts to the ABC and SBS? Which well-known activist and academic was found to have links to the very mining companies she publicly endorsed? Just how much money does News Corp pour into The Australian? Why does Eddie McGuire still clear his throat nervously when someone uses the word “bone” as a verb?

If you know the answer to any — or all — of these questions, you read it here first on Crikey. From its inception, Crikey aims to be a safe haven for whistleblowers and insiders to expose the lies and spin behind the official line fed to the public. Today, that tradition is stronger than it’s ever been.

Read our rundown of the best leaks Crikey has published.

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