Feb 13, 2015

Print circulation circling the drain: is it time for drastic measures?

Australian newspapers are losing more and more revenue from their declining print circulations. When will publishers say enough is enough and take steps to staunch the bleeding? Glenn Dyer and Myriam Robin report.

The details of the December quarter and 2014 circulation figures for Australian newspapers and magazines reveal some absolute disasters, particularly at Fairfax, and a looming headache at News. The circulation figures are comprehensive — they contain all sorts of detail on print, print plus digital, digital-only subscriptions and combined figures. There’s also a breakdown involving freebies, or copies of papers in hotels, on planes or in passenger lounges at airports. You can choose your data point and build a story that glosses over the bad news.

But over the past couple of years, the story, in aggregate, has always been bad. And the steady drip of falls will sooner or later force Fairfax, and possibly News Corp, to make a difficult decision — when they’ll make the first cut to the frequency of publications of their storied metropolitan and national editions.

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4 thoughts on “Print circulation circling the drain: is it time for drastic measures?

  1. AR

    I wonder what the true sales figures for the AFR would be were it not a tax deductible expense?

  2. Kevin Herbert

    Fairfax, the Guardian, the ABC & of course Limited News are all State sponsored media.

    For anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of foreign affairs, Fairfax’s continued pro NATO Putin bashing, is clear evidence of its demise as a reliable source, save for the excellent work of Paul McGeogh. Have a look at the neocon dross posing as journalism on page 32 of today’s SMH, where every breathless ‘revelation’ of Putin inspired evil, fails to mention the fact that the US MSM & its NATO country equivalents, have been doing exactly the same thing for the past 70 years……but of course the journo Nick Miller knows that to mention this fact is a one of the many ‘no-go’ areas for State sponsored media.

    For the record, I find the editorial line followed by Russia Today TV to have more credibility than any of the US or Aussie MSM. Check out Abby Martin’s program which takes a no holds barred approach to news based on evidence, as opposed to the doctrinaire dross produced by the editorial stooges at Fairfax or the ABC.

  3. John

    @Kevin Herbert.
    Very well said.
    In the past we could at least use the newspapers to wrap fish and chips and meat. Unfortunately, that is no longer an option. The sooner the newspapers go down the drain the better.
    Thomas Jefferson said in 1807 “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. ” Because of the internet and alternative media, this observation has become obvious to many more people.

  4. Neutral

    News Limited has upped the home delivery of the internal LNP newsletter weekend edition by 50%. Drastic enough?

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