Sticks and stones …

Jackie French, Australian Children’s Laureate and Senior Australian of the Year writes: Re. “Why The Oz called Colleen McCullough fat and ugly in her obituary” (yesterday). Dear Crikey: I am overweight, plain of feature and I write. Nor would I object to a farewell that mentioned all three. And for Colleen McCullough: dust to dust, and ashes to ashes, count the best seller lists she smashes.

On Tony Abbott’s future as Liberal party leader

Keith Binns writes: Re. “Abbott offers entitlement and xenophobia in key speech” (yesterday). Yes, what a man sows he shall reap, but I think Hosea 8:7 is a bit more apposite: “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Peter Fitzsimmons, in the Sun Herald this week, reported that at an afternoon tea recently Abbott said grace before they started. It is a matter of wonder to me that a person who is so religious and who studied in seminary can have totally missed out on the clear biblical teaching on social justice and do the exact opposite of what is commanded.

Giving Greece a helping hand

Geoffrey Heard writes: Re. “In Greece, on the cusp of history” (January 30). It would be a gracious gesture on the part of the UK to return the stolen Parthenon panels to Greece at this time when whatever the final outcome of the Greece-EU negotiations. Greece is going to need everything going for it in the next few years. Tourism is currently around 20% of its exports income — with the marvelous marble panels returned, it would have a chance of a free kick to boost that figure and help get itself on the road to recovery.