Feb 2, 2015

Mayne: which corporations donated to put Tony Abbott in The Lodge?

There are no limits as to who can give money to Australia's political parties, and only donations over $12,400 have to be reported. Here are some of the companies that helped elect Tony Abbott.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

The 2013-14 political donations data confirms a long trend in Australian politics, with the ALP still fundamentally reliant on the union movement and the Liberal Party in the thrall of big business, rent-seekers and a few wealthy families.

It shouldn’t take until almost halfway through Tony Abbott’s first term in office to be told who funded the campaign that dislodged Kevin Rudd, but the figures were only released by the Australian Electoral Commission at 9am today.

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12 thoughts on “Mayne: which corporations donated to put Tony Abbott in The Lodge?

  1. klewso

    Is it possible to calculate a monetary value for the positive PR Rupert’s Limited News “donates” to his Limited News Party/Coal-ition?
    The sort of PR others have to pay for/buy space for in the same publications?

  2. zut alors

    klewso, we already know Murdoch’s contribution is priceless.

  3. The Pav

    My comment for the previous story is just as applicable

    Isn’t the definition of an honest politician “one who stays bought when is bought”

    Given the Liberals stance
    Carbon Price
    Coal Mining
    Financial Advice
    Top end tax cuts
    Capital Gains Tax distortion
    Reducing ATO tax Compliance capacity
    Selling Medibank Private to the rich
    Meeting their obligation to Murdoch by hamstringing the ABC
    and so on

    It is clear the Liberals are the most honest party in Australia

  4. Jill Baird

    Thanks for this information Stephen.
    It’s shameful.

  5. MJPC

    Thank you Stephen, can I address 2:
    If the Cap’n, and his motley crew, are anything, it is that they are consistently hyprocrits.
    Reference tobacco, wasn’t it Labour who stopped accepting donations from the tobacco lobby, yet the Cap’n has lied when he said the LNP would follow suite.
    Chevron, is this the same Chevron responsible for some of the worst environmental damage in the Amazon through oil drilling? I guess if you are happy to destroy the environment of the world by being Cap’n coal, let’s get a help up from those with expertise in the task like Chevron.
    Finally, I bet Adani was rubbing their hands together (until this weekend at least); billions of tax payers $$ on rail lines and ports for less than $50,000; what a bargain!

  6. klewso

    zut, there’s always a cost where Murdoch’s concerned.

  7. Simon Jones

    Would like to see the renewables industry donating some $$$ to the tories, could
    throw a wrench in the machine.

  8. The Hood

    Gee our pollies prostitute themselves so cheaply. A few grand donated gets you a fast tracked billion dollar coal mine in QLD minus enviro safeguards.

  9. AR

    Like The Hood @7, my only surprise is how cheaply they can be had.

  10. Riany Vokisoto

    And then after all of these dollars are accumulated they get spent on – ba, bham – advertising, television, press (oh, and parties etc (orgies?:) Much of the motzah must then land in the pockets of the media moguls and so do we wonder at all about the advertorials we see proliferating pre-election ?

    Actually, all of these donors are “gambling” more or less. Nobody predicted Labor’s win in Queensland and it is no wonder that Dennis Jensen PhD and climate science denier should be agitated that the big mining and energy polluders are going to do their dough with Tony at the helm. He and they certainly wouldn’t want Turnbull coming back (Jensen would accept a repentant Turnbull if Turnbull ditches climate science – hilarious proposition – can Jensen the scientist ever be taken seriously?)

    Can donors get refunds?

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