Quite aside from the undemocratic influence they wield over the Australian political establishment (a point ably made by Bernard Keane today), we couldn’t help but notice that Rupert Murdoch’s tweets have another defining quality: they are quite, well, poetic.

As Helen Razer writes today, “You can giggle all you wish at these undergrad English musings, but the plain fact is, Murdoch, who sacrifices the narrator’s ‘I’ for his love of repetition, read at Oxford at the height of modernism”.

In honour of his work, the Crikey scribes have penned him an ode (with apologies to Keats):

Though you seem set on Abbott losing Cred,
we have to ask — was it that “tough to write”?
You could have called for Abbott’s job instead,
but what’s one dame, at the end of the knight?
Oh, we know you see the world quite clearly:
black or white, with nothing in between
(We still remember those Egyptian tweets!)
Rupert, this PM has cost you dearly.
In 2010, your bed was nice and clean;
now Tony’s gone and pissed all through your sheets.