How to protest the treatment of the Bali Nine

Gil May writes: Re. “Rundle: did the AFP trade away the lives of the Bali Nine?” (January 30). If Australians and New Zealanders are genuinely concerned about the execution of the Bali Nine you can belatedly do something about it: boycott all Indonesian products and all tourism to Bali and Indonesia.  The dollar is always mightier than the sword.

On Abbott’s Knighthood choices

Denise Marcos writes: Re. “Arise, Dame Julie: Bishop displays her Sun King seal of approval” (yesterday). Prince Philip’s knighthood highlights Tony Abbott’s abysmal judgement,  but to have it rubber-stamped by the Queen is proof Her Majesty has a wicked sense of humour. The capacious halls and salons of Buckingham Palace must have echoed with rollicking laughter on that historic day when Abbott’s bizarre proposal lobbed in the regal correspondence tray. Such a pity no BBC camera crew was present to record their Royal Highnesses’ expressions of astonishment. The palace lackeys down to the scullery cat would have worn a grin once word spread. Prince Philip enjoys a litany of honorifics in addition to being a Greek/ Danish royal, a British duke and the Queen’s consort. Upon a man who is already full to the gunwales with titles, the rascally colonials have bestowed a naff knighthood. The royals are unlikely to let Sir Philip live it down.

John Kotsopoulos writes: While Abbott’s utterly ludicrous award of an Australian knighthood to Prince Philip has received the disdain it deserves, another aspect of his “performance” has seemingly flown under the radar. I refer of course to his cringingly poor decision to inject partisan politics into his Australia Day address. The new citizens and the captive audience and the TV audience deserved better than to have to endure a rehash of his misleading and one sided polemic on Australia’s debt and deficit problems on Australia Day. Abbott displayed a lack of class and judgement to add to his stuff up on the knighthood issue.

Martino Ellero writes: I think most Australians would agree Prince Philip getting knighted is a WTF moment, but Angus Houston’s knighting has managed to slip under the radar. From what I understand he got the knighthood based on following orders to stop people smuggling by media blackouts and locking refugees in unsafe boats. Even though senior management are always on call (one of the reasons they give for their big pay cheques), wasn’t the fact that he was called back from an overseas family holiday given as one of the reason for the knighthood? Anyway, when will people start to hold a torch to Angus Houston’s  knighthood to see how substantial that one is as well?

Peter Fray

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