Pissing in the wind. Normally one goes to The Australian for the latest in climate denialism: as the in-house organ of old white reactionary men, the Oz always has the latest in cherry-picking and conspiracy theories to show climate change is just a UN world government socialist etc etc scam.  Today, though, the paper’s amusingly titled “environment editor”, Graham Lloyd, picked up the standard of an even crazier piece of wingnuttery -- wind turbine syndrome.

As readers will know, wind turbine syndrome is the mysterious illness that causes over 150 symptoms but is peculiarly confined to older rural white people who haven’t been able to sell their properties to wind farm developers in English-speaking countries. The syndrome has been debunked in 20 separate reports. But Lloyd got a front page today -- exclusive, natch! -- on a new study by one Stephen Cooper, said by Lloyd to be an “acoustics expert”, which showed that people living near wind farms “face a greater risk of suffering health complaints”. Cooper’s work comes with the stamp of approval of the extreme anti-turbine site stopthesethings.com, although you have to get to near the end of the article on page 2 before Lloyd admits Cooper “was not engaged to establish whether there was a link between wind turbine operation and health impacts”.

The article is useful for yielding yet another addition to the epically long list of wind turbine syndrome symptoms -- a 75-year-old study participant laments that she feels nausea when doing the dishes and wants to get out of the house. Don’t we all, dear, don’t we all. The joke's on us, however: right now the National Health and Medical Research Council is, under federal government pressure, calling for expressions of interest for yet more studies into wind turbine syndrome … Can’t wait for Lloyd’s exclusives on a government study of chemtrails. -- Bernard Keane