January, ah sweet January, lazy days, with the glistening of coconut oil on skin and the thwock of leather and willow. And for those not into plating and BDSM, there’s cricket and the beach. And, of course, the annual release of the cabinet papers on the 25-year rule. For the past while it’s been a little dull. Hawke hated Keating, Keating hated Hawke; stuff about timed phone calls and how Meg Ryan got her hair like that. But this year, coming out of the past -- like Milli Vanilli and Gloria Estefan doing a super-grouping of Phil Collins’ "Two Hearts" (yes, it is 25 years since Milli Vanilli. You’re old, dude) -- was this year’s Proustian Rush: "Cabinet papers reveal confusion over 'vague' plan to build futuristic Japanese city in Australia". God, yes, the "Multi-Function Polis" (MFP), the super-city the Japanese were going to build in the middle of the Australian desert. The crazed proposal that became a hot-button election issue when Andrew Peacock plunged round desperately for an issue in the 1990 election. How he, in fact, won a majority of the vote that year. And how your correspondent may have inadvertently helped him do it. There but for the grace of AEC ... so sit right back and you’ll hear a tale.