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Jan 9, 2015

Terrorism has many faces in Pakistan

Extrajudicial punishment is meted out with alarming inconsistency in a state torn apart by terrorism.

Shakira Hussein — Writer and academic in multiculturalism

Shakira Hussein

Writer and academic in multiculturalism

“The British built so many beautiful buildings in this area of Lahore. This one here is the Lahore High Court.” The old gentleman in the tweed jacket gestured nostalgically at the sprawling monument to the the Raj. “They were kind rulers. They looked after people.”


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3 thoughts on “Terrorism has many faces in Pakistan

  1. old greybeard

    There are two positive things about the Raj. It built stuff that worked and it could, at least sometimes, be shamed into action by its own press. Ghandi would have been executed otherwise. That does not happen much now, because the press is gutless in many countries, muzzled by governments in others and owners in the west. The other reason is that governments in the west are craven and without shame.

  2. AR

    The demand to partition the Raj came from Jinna not the British who warned that it wouod be a disaster.
    There are more muslims in India than Pakistan and they are free to migrate to the Land of the Pure.
    None do.

  3. Dan B

    Pakistan’s duplicity is beginning to bite it on the arse. And they are a nuclear power. However, they continue to skilfully receive billions in “aid” of which the majority is spent on military equipment, and a good portion of that somehow finds itself being used against both the State, and its “allies”.
    I would be very careful making allegations based on local sources regarding civilian casualties caused by drone strikes. Not only have many “sources” in the target area(s) been discredited through technical means, but those areas are highly non-permissive to journalists unless they have assured the TTP et al they will “toe the party line” in their reporting.
    I am not saying there hasn’t been collateral damage, which is tragic. But using locally sourced information to substantiate your allegations — in that particular part of Pakistan — is highly risky.

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