Whether it’s a cruelly timed snap of Tony’s tongue squinting through lizardy lips or an unrelenting gif of Clive caressing an itchy nip, the Australian public has been forced to endure some brutal moments of unsexiness from their esteemed leaders this year. But for every greasy wink caught on camera (come on, Tony, you make it so easy), there’s a young Albo smouldering at us from 1985. There’s Christopher Pyne’s long legs flowing like a gazelle’s as they hurtle him from the House of Reps. And there’s Fiona Scott, who, as we were reliably informed back on the campaign trail, needs no introduction. For your Yuletide pleasure, we at Crikey have put together a shortlist of eminently eligible candidates for the reward that we find hardest to defend on Twitter: the Sexiest Politicians of 2014. Loyal survey-monkeys, let the objectification begin.

Vote here to elect the 2014 Crikey Sexiest Politician.

And come on guys, don’t all dogpile on Malcolm again. You know he’s bad for you.


Scott Ludlam
Anthony Albanese (and his mullet)
Malcolm Turnbull
Jason Clare
Sam Dastyari
Tony Abbott
Mathias Cormann
Ricky Muir


Tanya Plibersek
Julie Bishop
Sarah Hanson-Young
Bridget McKenzie
Larissa Waters
Michaelia Cash
Penny Wong
Fiona Scott