Warren Mundine's motivation

Paul Schacht writes: Re. "Rundle: Warren Mundine's individual treaty idea a confused Farrago" (Friday). The piece on Mundine is interesting and makes many excellent points. However I think there may be method in Mundine's madness. I suspect he is having fantasies that his version of  recognition will weaken claims to Aboriginality. There would be something in this for him. He is advising mining interests about matters Aboriginal. I suspect he is thinking that if he could weaken ties to country things might be easier for the mining industry to negotiate with Aborigines.  Imagine the money Mundine could earn as a go-between between weakened Aboriginal groupings and mining interests. Of course in any final wash-up it would not be that easy or simple given  existing legislation and court decisions. But I think this stuff is in the theatre of his mind. He works for Tony, advises mining interests and is married to Liberal Party royalty... Gerard Henderson's daughter.