Nov 24, 2014

Cost of the cuts: What the ABC and SBS are losing

The state editions of 7.30 are going, Classic FM will record fewer concerts, and other ways the ABC hopes to save money.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter


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19 thoughts on “Cost of the cuts: What the ABC and SBS are losing

  1. paddy

    Such a dirty, depressing day for our ABC. 🙁
    Hope it really does come back to bite the Libs & the Nats on the arse.

  2. Stuart Coyle

    Ah, so that’s what Tony means when he says “No cuts to the ABC.”
    I wonder what language he speaks, because it is clearly not the English that I know.

  3. Dan Gulberry

    Well may we say God Save the ABC, because nothing will save this disgraceful government.

  4. Norman Hanscombe

    Talking of ‘saving’, it sometimes appears even divine intervention might find the task of raising the standard of many posters an uphill struggle?

  5. paddy

    I’d regard it as divine intervention Norman H, if just *once*, you made a comment unworthy of the name “troll”.

  6. graybul

    One more tick against Australian Democracy.

  7. cartoonmick

    I can’t understand what all the fuss is about. He hasn’t cut the ABC. The A, B and C are still there, no worries.

    Sure, there may be a little less money to go around, but just think of all those great “repeats” we’ll see. The ABC library has a vast collection of programs past.

    And, by the time the next election comes around, there’ll be no money left for the ABC to broadcast those annoying political campaigns. Bonus !!

    In fact this cartoon depicts just how wonderful our ABC will be after suffering “no cuts” from Mr Abbott . . . .


  8. Sharkie

    400 hundred jobs to go. I bet Chris Uhlmann isn’t one of them. Abbott and his useless ministers have got more of a chance of getting a tough interview from Alan Jones than Uhlmann. His interview “against” Milne today was just embarrassing. Milne was highlighting the corruption of Australian politics due to weak political donation laws, and Uhlmann spent most of the interview attacking her.
    Hello Chris, there is this little thing called ICAC?
    She was also talking about blatant lies and the loss of faith in democracy. With Abbott’s blatant ABC lie going large today, Ulhmann completely ignored the bleeding obvious and went the attack. What a muppet.

  9. john2066

    I wonder just how many management jobs are really going, particularly the ones on 150k plus. What about Paul Chadwick, paid 350k as ‘Director- Editorial policies (?)’.

    Seems like they’re cutting the basic services while a lot of non working fat cats sail through.

  10. john2066

    It also really annoys me that they say they can’t sack senior management because ‘it would cost too much in redundancies’. How ridiculous. Just get rid of them. There is a grey army of non working middle and upper management that have been there for ever.

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