Nov 21, 2014

Guess who’s back? Top 10 moments of Pauline Hanson

Crikey intern Andrey Rodionov compiles Hanson's 10 most outrageous moments.

Pauline Hanson, former fish and chip shop owner, Dancing with the Stars finalist and unironic user of the term “reverse racism” has recently announced her return as leader of One Nation after a 12-year hiatus — although she has run for a number of state seats as an independent during that time. Hanson, founder of the far-Right One Nation political party in 1997, has been labelled populist, protectionist and anti-globalisation on better days, racist on worse ones.

While the trumpeters of One Nation herald her glorious return in an effort to win a seat during next year’s Queensland state election, let us now take a moment to look at the wonderful tapestry that is Pauline Hanson’s political career.

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21 thoughts on “Guess who’s back? Top 10 moments of Pauline Hanson

  1. Lehan Ramsay

    It’s true, she was like the face of Australian politics we don’t see, the words that are never spoken, the kinds of impulses our mainstream politicians have that can’t be voiced because they will be silenced by the other mainstream. She was like the face of the Other Australia. It was as if the party that wanted to be loved had no way to be these things, and so invented this character – Pauline, a fish-and-ship-chop shrew, who could do it for them. She was like an empty vessel that could be filled with all the goodies that were no longer kosher on the table. Pauline, she was everyone’s baser instincts, she was like Base Intentions, Bottled.

  2. Lehan Ramsay

    We had of course had our Rona Joyners and Mary Whitehouses. But Pauline, Pauline was something else. She was a political machine, she could walk and talk and smile and kiss babies with the best of them. She was like the Ninety-nine to Chaos’ Max. She was like one of those great tv shows from the eighties – the bionic man, the bionic man, possibly the hulk, fitted with the latest in political technology. Awaking to find herself a fighting frighting machine in a world of bewildering nuance. Will there ever be another Pauline?

  3. Simon

    “Could the return of Hanson mean the return of Pauline Pantsdown too?”

    Haven’t you been paying attention?:

  4. Neutral

    Wonder which of her current policies the libs will need to adopt this time around if she builds up a head of steam.

  5. CML

    Maybe, despite her anti-globalisation stance, she has been keeping a close eye on that UKIP lot in the UK?
    They seem to have incorporated much of Hanson’s agenda, and are doing well in that country.
    Surely we don’t want to go down that path again. What have we become?

  6. Stephanie

    Thank you for informing me that Pauline Hanson is having yet another go – I hadn’t heard. As far as the rest of the article goes, I found it very irritating. A little sarcasm goes a long way.

  7. old greybeard

    Hell Howard took on her racist agenda too right eh Neutral. But what is this Halal “forced on us by 2% of the population” crap? Will these cretins decry a Kosher butchery? If we want to look at supporting the enemy start with the AWB…300 million. There are people of Arabic and Middle Eastern family of impeccable reputation whose families were here a long time before this twit. Can’t we send her back to where she came from?

  8. old greybeard

    Can we not have the bloody NBN ad on this page. It is offensive to someone who may well never see even ordinary broadband.

  9. Norm

    I never had much time for Pauline’s attitudes, but I do think she played a role in shaking up our one-potato-two-potato political duopoly. I credit her (if credit is the word!)for our woeful bi-partisan policy towards asylum seekers. “Honest” John just felt he had to play catch-up to retain the Lib’s god-given right to the redneck vote, and it’s been downhill ever since. I now watch with some amusement as the new kid on the block, Private Jacqui, injects her strain of potato blight into our national parliament. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving paddock of potatoes.

  10. Norman Hanscombe

    Pauline Hanson had a limited education which meant she lacked the ability to please the elitist groups who ‘know’ they know what’s best for the lower levels of society.
    Most of the Hanson’s Haters may have spent more years in educational boxes, but the quality of their elitist mentality attacks on Hanson does them no credit.
    It’s easy, of course, for them to cobble together a mishmash of out of context and /or erroneous reports to help them bask in their imagined superiority, isn’t it?

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