Nov 19, 2014

Dateline purge as SBS hunts down traitors and dissidents

Dateline's 25-strong team will be reduced to a handful of permanent positions as the program moves to a half-hour format in 2015. Staff were told they wouldn't be needed next year in one-on-one meetings yesterday.

Myriam Robin — Media Reporter

Myriam Robin

Media Reporter


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12 thoughts on “Dateline purge as SBS hunts down traitors and dissidents

  1. aliso6

    I want to watch Dateline next year, as it is!

  2. dennis

    , and that writing it had been an act of extraordinary disloyalty. Please some one tell me I am not going insane.

  3. Blair Martin

    Carroll called for “light and shade” to change the program from being “too serious”. The only “light” is the one one can see is the light that passes through from his left ear and out his right and the only “shade” the one he places over his eyes to see what a magnificent program SBS had. Serious, worthy, on point and not beholden to an editorial point of view. All of that – gone.

  4. CML

    The dumbing down of Oz has begun!
    I suppose we will get only those international programmes which are ‘politically correct’.
    According with the views of the current government, that is. In other words, not worth watching!!

  5. BSA Bob

    Standard stuff. Reduce services, note that fewer people are using them & so reduce services… I read somewhere once that the closure of the Somerset & Dorset Railway is the textbook example.
    But I think important people want SBS & ABC kept as taxpayer funded coalition propaganda machines so some will survive.

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    What about a combined ABC/SBS entity which would mean less un-necessary duplication of staffs, and fewer of the lowbrow programmes now run to chase ratings, by competing for undiscerning viewers already catered for by media outlets not taking taxpayer moneys?
    We used to have an Aunty which did that quite well until ratings became the main game.

  7. Kevin_T

    Vale Quality Journalism!

  8. david smith

    “Next year, the 30-minute format will facilitate a full commitment to investigative journalism and rigour…” What a load of crap. Why is it that these sort of platitudes get a free run in any story without critical commentary? Would not a full commitment consist in keeping the program intact?

  9. Myriam Robin

    Hi David. I certainly didn’t mean to give SBS comments a free run. But thought given I spent a lot of time talking to people who’ve been sacked (and are rightly not very happy with SBS right now), readers should be given SBS’ justification too. Make of it what you will.

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