November has been another bad month for the efforts of Australia's most dogged opponent of wind farms, Sarah Laurie, to get her claims taken seriously by anyone other than her loyal flock. The high priestess of the concocted non-disease known as "Wind Turbine Syndrome" had given evidence to South Australia's Environment, Resources and Development Court in a case brought by a wind farm developer, appealing a development refusal by a local government for the Stony Gap wind farm. In a judgement handed down on November 4, the energy company won. Laurie is the CEO of the Waubra Foundation, named after the Victorian town with an iconic wind farm. (Last year more than 300 members of the proud farming community petitioned the out-of-towners to stop using their name, a request the foundation rejected.) In the recent South Australian case, Laurie gave evidence for the respondents, but, as has become a pattern, the court was unimpressed: