Nov 14, 2014

Should Tassie devils be introduced to Wilson’s Prom?

Authorities are considering introducing Tasmanian devils onto Wilson's Prom to decrease the feral cat population. But biologist Allen Greer says there's little evidence the devils will make any difference.


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2 thoughts on “Should Tassie devils be introduced to Wilson’s Prom?

  1. Glen

    Of course there’s no rush Allen; let’s just let this one slip off to extinction like all the rest. Maybe it’s not an effective cat competitor, or maybe it is, but surely mainland reintroductions need to be considered on some sort of risk / potential reward basis. You’ve said naught here about risks, just blathered about what you see as lack of evidence for one potential reward. A little narrow, methinks.

    An animal that was likely common on the Prom just a few thousand years ago hardly seems likely to become a serious problem. But if it may be so, tell us why. And why we should weigh that above the potential benefits of another population stronghold, and a replacement apex predator (ok … scavenger) in a system that is otherwise understaffed with those.

  2. Alex Schmidt

    Sorry to say, but I find the arguments of this article weak and unconvincing. How is “anecdotal evidence” and a video about a jumping cat supposed to persuade me?

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