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Nov 14, 2014

SBS insider reveals secret plan to kill Dateline

SBS' international current affairs show Dateline has won numerous awards in its 30 years on air. But supervising producer Allan Hogan reveals the show is about to be gutted.


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7 thoughts on “SBS insider reveals secret plan to kill Dateline

  1. Bohemian

    What you mean predigested and regurgitated US Dateline that I can download and watch myself any time I want now?

  2. rhwombat

    OK Sound-of-One-Hand-Fapping, Spiny Norman Handscum and the other lackeys of the Stinking Sun King – tell this isn’t part of the Murdocratic Anschluß.

  3. mikeb

    If they dumb it down like 60 mins then no one will watch it. The brain dead are already captured on ch9/7/10.

  4. John of Alphington

    Easily been the most important program on oz tv for a long time. Typically, the powers that be & those who serve them will wish it gone.

  5. AR

    “Journalism is what the powerful don’t want revealed – all else is advertsing”.
    What proportion of 4Corn is bought in, mostly UK’s Panorama but often sludge from the US cornsyrup name-sake?
    Without Dateline, what would be the point of Insight?
    Then that news thingy, full of ads & sport, and what’s with all that foreign stuff? Could be subversives!

  6. anne simmat

    I suppose if dateline hadn’t done such good stories on ebola then TA would not need to “waste” money on it.

  7. Norman Hanscombe

    Rhwombat, at least the other posters, while hardly mounting a sound analysis of the issue, at least wrote mostly coherent sentences.
    Why not make a supreme effort to match their efforts?

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