Nov 14, 2014

Mayne v Murdoch round two: Rupert addresses that infamous Crikey leak

Crikey's founder certainly brought the hard questions to News Corp's octogenarian chairman -- and it turns out Rupert Murdoch reads Crikey with a close eye.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder


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7 thoughts on “Mayne v Murdoch round two: Rupert addresses that infamous Crikey leak

  1. Daly

    Good work Stephen even if it makes no difference as Murdoch will continue to do exactly as he pleases. Good governance, being democratic or being a fit and proper person in charge of a corporation to meet legal requirements are irrelevant when you control the news agenda in the Anglosphere. Influence is all that counts and Abbott, Cameron and the recent US Senate elections show how Murdoch does it!

  2. SusieQ

    Hope you keep bothering him and asking the right questions – someone has to!

  3. AR

    Harry the evil old bastard into the grave if you can.

  4. Ernest Jones

    Mayne’s hatred of Mr Murdoch goes back to his unfortunate time at the Daily Telegraph.

  5. Norman Hanscombe

    Ernest Jones, your comment re Mayne is as intellectually puerile as the other posters’ attacks on whomsoever they don’t worship. True Believers of all stipes need to try to understand their noble prejudices may in fact not be noble.

  6. Venise Alstergren

    NORMAN HANSCOMBE: Are your own prejudices noble or pedestrian?

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