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Kaspar Wowser

Nov 10, 2014

Kaspar Wowser

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7 thoughts on “Kaspar Wowser

  1. JennyWren

    I feel sick.
    This should be on every poster in town when the election is (finally) on

  2. Brangwyn

    Too true, frightening. As I have said before the man is a psychopath.

  3. klewso

    …… While some people like to ignore history?
    [There’s a difference between “benefit of the doubt” and “wishful thinking”.]

  4. The Pav

    Unfortunately too true but a correction is required

    He only thought he got the poor woman pregnant.

    Of course that he believed the child was his and refused any responsibility reveals a lack of ethics.

    One also wonders at where pre-marital sex features in his strong catholism.

    Question. What does Abbott have in common with Tom Cruise.

    Answer:- They both wanted to be Catholics priests. Cruise turned to Scientology…Unfortunately Abbott didn’t

  5. James O'Neill

    And you haven’t even mentioned his foreign policy gaffes which would fill a chart on their own.

  6. AR

    More words in this cartoon that have filled this aching gaping void, in total, since FDotM vacated his kennel.

  7. AR

    “..than have filled..” and all of them spot on. Well done!