Nov 4, 2014

No DICE: Greg Hunt deceives the public about ‘clean’ coal project

Greg Hunt's plan to reduce carbon emissions through cleaner coal is too little, too late.

Paddy Manning

Crikey business editor

Environment Minister Greg Hunt should be investigated for misleading and deceptive conduct. He talks repeatedly about the potential to clean up our coal-fired power stations, reducing their emissions by 30-50%, by installing you-beaut Direct Injection Carbon Engines, when the technology is drastically underfunded, unavailable at scale, and has a colourful history of unsuccessful research sponsored for very many years by one of ICAC’s favourite miners, Travers Duncan.


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37 thoughts on “No DICE: Greg Hunt deceives the public about ‘clean’ coal project

  1. Trog Sorrenson

    Why our society votes liars like this into positions of power is beyond me.

  2. Roger Clifton

    DICE is somewhat-cleaner-coal, a token reduction when we should be eliminating, carbon emissions. But let’s remember that wind-backed-by-gas is also a token reduction. We need to get rid of the gas, too.

  3. MJPC

    The Germans in 1944 had a similar program for powdered coal to be used in aircraft engines. Didn’t work then, not working now but it appears that it is still OK for the snake oil salesman to use it to get public money.

  4. JohnB

    When a researcher says that his technology will be ready to roll out in 5 years, he is using a phrase that has a specific meaning in research everywhere.

    It means that he doesn’t have any idea when the technology will roll out, so he has put a number on it, a number which indicates that the current research team will not see it and nothing is guaranteed.

    It is code for “I don’t know”.

  5. klewso

    “Half-bake” fits Right in with his present company – what a waste of a university education? ….Who paid for that….. – because we are now.

  6. Coaltopia

    Roll the DICE, which of your favourite clean coal pot-boilers comes-up? The fig-leaf-under-swept rug of the Boundary (Dental) Dam EoR pipe-dream, the HRL clean-as-black lignite turd polisher, the Kingaroy UCG Cattle Prod, a DCFC (not the band or the football club but a “fool cell”), the Linc Energy bait and switch, the Kogan Creek microwave or another boondoggled gravy train shipping pork barrels to Japan?


  7. Mark Duffett

    A good yarn, but the pudding is overegged just a little with “Wind energy, for example, is cheaper to build and run than a DICE engine and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 100%”. Energy embodied in the materials means wind electricity emissions, while low, are not zero. And at least you know DICE will produce x MW when you turn it on, pointing to the need for gas backup to wind as indicated by Roger.

  8. Mark Duffett

    But I hasted to furious agreement with the main point: DICE is simply not plausible at the front and centre of a national strategy to combat climate change in 2014.

  9. graybul

    “Those who forget the past . . . are doomed to . . . “! Lies are the currency of this Federal Government, so . . . “Those who . . . .”

  10. Scott

    What about Shell Cansolv technology? Can be retrofitted to existing power plants and has just started operating in Canada.

    The answer to CCS will not be found in a government lab like CSIRO. It will be found through R&D by the coal and oil companies (which have a vested interest in keeping their product moving)

    Self Interest. The only thing that works.

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