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Oct 31, 2014

The five data retention lies you were told

The government's unveiling of its data retention scheme was accompanied by blatant falsehoods by people who have no excuse not to know better.




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23 thoughts on “The five data retention lies you were told

  1. Malcolm Grant

    I’m absolutely sure that it was more than 5.

    George Brandis can’t open his mouth without lying. If Georgie boy told me that today was Friday I would check at least three different calendars before planning to sleep in tomorrow.

  2. Coaltopia

    A shame this one’s pay-walled given it’s such a good piece worth sharing.

    I also note that the ever watchful Dr Matthew Rimmer has pointed out:

    – “#Brandis said today: “Copyright infringement is a civil wrong; it is not a criminal offence.” This is wrong. The Act has criminal offences.”

    And Josh Taylor at ZDNet has published an article today:

    – [Turnbull confirms] “Film studios could use retained data to sue torrenters”

  3. Neutral

    Can’t argue with Points 1 -4.

    Point 5 true? No, it’s not true but it’s not exactly a lie either.

    Metadata can contain content. Claiming “that nothing in the bill requires a service provider to keep information about the content” is disingenuous at best when the metadata which they have to retain contains content. They may argue that ISP’s could filter out the content. Which ISP’s are going to add to their (our) expense to do that? ASIO will go hey we need this metadata and wow look at all this content. More info about metadata and it’s content can be found on the iinet blog.

    Here’s a another one:

    6. Malcolm Turnbull downplaying Colvin’s intention of using metadata to chase copyright infringers. “They do this pretty much in real-time, so the two year holding of data doesn’t make a big difference in terms of copyright infringement, they’re dealing with the here and now.”

    Status: False

    Dallas Buyers Club LLC, a media company with a film of the same name, has requested that iiNet (and four other ISPs) provide the private personal information ‘behind’ the IP addresses of people who have downloaded infringing copies of their film. This is, in contradiction of Mr Turnbull’s claims noted above, all about historical data. (Courtesy of citizensnotsuspects.org.au)

    I’m sure others could provide numerous other examples. Just the usual contemptuous treatment the political class likes to practice on it’s plebs.

  4. Pamela

    Recent examples of negligence on data which may alarm-
    Data Breach saw the Immigration department inadvertently release
    data on all the thousands of asylum seekers in detention centres in January/ February 2014.
    In one proven case the intelligence service of an asylum seeker producing country accessed the data which enabled them to see that a political dissident was not hiding out in-country as was presumed but was actually in detention in Australia. The consequence of this “inadvertant data breach” saw a man imprisoned on grounds that he had assisted another to escape.

    A second breach has seen the complete files including Refugee Interviews of the people locked up on Nauru stolen as the hard drives were removed from the computers in the tents in which they were “securely” held. This has devastating consequences for the people who have given information as to how and why they fled.
    The Australian Govt may wish to airbrush this unfortunate lapse out of existence but the facts are that a serious crime of theft took place and who is looking for the culprits.
    Those Australians who care little for the rights of refugees, might like to ask themselves, if the government can be this cavalier with life and death files, what guarantees are there for Australians files .

  5. The Hood

    It has taken 30 years but I think we are nearly there. 1984 I mean. Why do I feel like Winston Smith, big brother, the ministry of truth, the perpetual war against our enemies, the powerful elite! What piece of the jigsaw is missing?

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    As long as Crikey continues to regurgitate their views on why there’s little need for Australia to protect its citizens from threats derived from the technological advances available to fundamentalist potential killers of all varieties, those hoping to harm us owe you a debt of gratitude.

  7. Norman Hanscombe

    The Hood, one thing missing in your post is an understanding of from which side of the Left/Right spectrum 1984 warned; and why a committed member of the Left such as Orwell was reviled for so long by the Left because [after fighting in Spain] he wrote about the treacherous self-serving actions of ‘heroic’ Left Leaders.

  8. Lubo Gregor

    Well isn’t it ironic that the Right ended up exactly where Orwell was warning the Left will be, Norman? None are so blind as those who choose not to see. The left/right dichotomy serves well the keep the slaves pre-occupied.

  9. drsmithy

    As long as Crikey continues to regurgitate their views on why there’s little need for Australia to protect its citizens from threats derived from the technological advances available to fundamentalist potential killers of all varieties, those hoping to harm us owe you a debt of gratitude.

    I think we should confine everyone in the country to their own homes 24/7/365.

    For their own safety, of course.

  10. Neutral

    “The left/right dichotomy serves well the keep the slaves pre-occupied.”


    Left/Right/Upsidedown/Backtofront is irrelevant. Except to those old cold war grognards whose time has past but haven’t yet realised it.

    So for the *one* poster who missed it, the whole premise of the article is:

    Polly Porky Pies 🙂

  11. graybul

    Surely the essence of Bernard’s comment is designed to focus our attention upon Government(s) abandonment of truth and insertion of lies as a central tenant of communication to and with the Australian Electorate?

    Replacement of “truth”, normalization of the “LIE”, destroys ability to communicate and participate. There is no greater threat to the Nation!

  12. AR

    Nice precis, thanks, but the only way this is going to get through to the lumpen, aka tradies-in-utes, is when they realise that their porn, on-line gambling, extra maritals and less salubrious activities are going to scfrutinised.
    Not that it will be way too late then, it already is.

  13. bushby jane

    Pity that noone bothers to pick Greg Hunt and Joe Hockey up with their ‘mistruths’, especially the likes of Chris Uhlmann who seems to have such a strong hold on his prominent position on ABC radio.

  14. John Allan

    Sorry, but why are we be lied to? For what purpose? Take us as ignorant fools?

  15. The Pav

    It is hard to tell wheteher they are really this dishonest or just so mainifestly incompetent.

    In any event the adverse impact is the same

  16. The Pav

    DEar Norman @ 7

    Congratulations you are serving your masters well by attemptinting to distract from the truth of the article.

    The article highlighted the lies of the govty That is all

    It was not an argument for or against the need or the existence of a credible terror threat ( given the securities batting average to date one should be sceptical but that’s not relevant to this article) but a simple expose of the dishonesty that runs all through this govt.

    Having seen it exposed all you can do is try and distract from the evidence.

    Well at least you’re a loyal employee. Just a pity you aren’t employed by people worthy of your efforts.

  17. drsmithy

    It is hard to tell wheteher they are really this dishonest or just so mainifestly incompetent.

    I disagree.

    Incompetence ceased being a reasonable excuse for the political right a decade ago (if not more).

  18. The Pav

    DEar drsmithy @ 18

    Unlike our faux christian PM I was trying to be charitable

  19. Bohemian

    They have obviously been ordered to do it in no uncertain terms so as good middle managers they are complying with their masters’ request.Still as a sop, we seem to be back on track with the Asia’s answer to the IMF and World Bank.

  20. Neutral

    Slightly OT but Turnbull has also stated he didn’t have an issue with the data being stored outside of Australia. The mind boggles at the outsourcing opportunities for telcos to minimise costs.

    computerweekly.com lists the top five outsourcing destinations to watch as Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Egypt and The Phillipines.

    Egypt has recent experience in locking up journalists so they would be a good fit.

  21. David Camfield

    I used to hold Malcolm in high regard.. for all his posturing about liberal values, when it comes to the crunch he is all talk and no walk

  22. andrew@courier.net.au

    Logged in but still can’t read this?


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