Oct 23, 2014

Pyne’s curriculum review should have learnt from history

Christopher Pyne's education review was rushed, partisan and now seemingly doomed. Adjunct professor Tony Taylor at the University of Technology Sydney says it didn't have to be this way.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s national curriculum review has probably been holed well below the waterline, with revelations at Senate estimates yesterday that the Coalition-linked figures chosen to lead the review had not been vetted by education experts. Moreover, the ongoing Barry Spurr business is the latest scandal in a process that has been doomed from the start. But there was an easier way — and if the Coalition studied the history it is so keen to review, it would have remembered the much more successful process of the Howard government.

Pyne’s shambolic review differs totally from my own experiences when working with a pre-Abbott Coalition government as a history education consultant (1999-2007). The way the system then worked (more or less) was this:

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23 thoughts on “Pyne’s curriculum review should have learnt from history

  1. Steve777

    Pyne sets up a hasty review headed by two hand-picked right wing culture warriors to give him the answers he wants. They Curriculum Review has no credibility. It’s report, when available, should be shredded.

  2. david hare

    With all due respect Pyne’s review was only ever intended to have a specific ideological outcome.

    He has no interest in a meaningful review. It is incredibly naïve, if not disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

    Thank god now Spurr’e filthy private ranting are likely to ignite the whole damnable process.

  3. Ross Carnsew

    It pains me to say it, but Pyne is a political genius who puts his fellow ministers to shame. Here we all are, arguing about curriculum reviews and the political or ideological background of the reviewers.
    Pyne can crash through with this or simply forget about it. Either way, public v private school funding has vanished from the conversation. Job done!

  4. The Pav

    The phrase in the article “A non-controversial inquiry team with solid professional integrity ”

    Pick the word that does not apply to the Abbott Govt.

    That’s right “integrity”

    Re Ross @3………..I’m afraid you maybe right although there is an argument that he is not that clever and is that stupid ( appologies to Coca Cola for the line”

  5. cartoonmick

    Is it just me, or is everyone else getting sick of the political smoke and mirrors?

    Spin Spin Spin. Hey Mr Pyne (and other pollies), the average Aussie is not dumb and can see right through all the BS being offered up.

    We know the basic right wing agenda is to give generous funding to private schools at the expense of public schools.

    Getting very sick of Pollies taking us for granted. Not a clever thing for them to do.

    Cartoon on Pollies . . .



  6. Secondus Tertius

    A slightly smarter Minister might realise that the public service provides protection for those Ministers willing to listen.

    The public service has a long memory and often deep expertise and is well suited to screening out obvious problems.

  7. Luke Hellboy

    The irony of an Education minister not learning from history would be amusing, if he wasn’t our education minister. It seems he was chosen for this portfolio under the same criteria that Abbott was for Minister for Women’s Affairs: hubris and ignorance. Actually this seems to apply to most government ministers judging by their performances to date.

  8. david hare

    Including the fucking minister?


  9. Simon Sharwood

    Another comical aspect of the review is its recommendation to dilute the teaching of computational thinking in schools. Two days later, the Innovation Agenda >>recommended<< more computational thinking and funded a new program to help teachers learn the topic.

  10. klewso

    Isn’t The Credlin Minister for Women’s Affairs – Toady’s just her dummy?

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