Unsociable behaviour recommended for PM&C

Ignaz Amrein writes: Re. “The end of Tinder for Mandarins? PM&C cracks down on social media” (yesterday). It looks like Tony and his “advisors” are channeling Erich Honecker, who used to be the leader of (way ahead of its time surveillance state) East Germany! Anyone who wants to know what’s ahead of us should read Anna Funder’s “Stasiland”.

On national security

Thomas Richman writes: Re. “What’s behind the sudden furore on jailed journalists?” (Friday).  The real reason for proposed draconian laws that hamstring reporting has little to do with protecting the citizenry against terrorism or IS but are, instead, being rushed into place in anticipation of an organised mass movement taking to the streets following an economic crash, particularly as the truncheons and tear gas are brutally imposed in response, and a docile media are needed to “interpret” the legitimacy of these actions.

Can Islamic State militants be rehabilitated?

Tony Critchley writes: Re. “An ‘apocalyptic death cult’? What IS really wants” (yesterday). A well constructed article about the ins and outs of the continual struggle of IS (“so-called Muslims”) and its fanatical agenda, that has been evident in the public eye, in particular their morbid, misguided beliefs on what constitutes Sharia law. If the West were to create /force a surrender with the IS fighters what will the West do with them? How to rehabilitate their thinking of what is right or wrong?