The Australian media editor Sharri Markson went deep undercover to sit in on journalism lectures at some of Sydney's universities and has discovered not only do lecturers not worship Rupert Murdoch, but they also believe in the science of climate change and are encouraging students to subscribe to Crikey. It's the latest salvo in an ongoing war of moral outrage.

Markson's vitriol in this case was primarily directed at the University of Sydney, where lecturer Dr Penny O'Donnell encouraged students to think critically about media ownership, particularly when it came to Rupert Murdoch's business interests. The story fits nicely into The Australian's long-running "moral panic" about the loss of efficacy of legacy media outlets, like, well, The Australian. Not only are "activist journalist academics" and "activist journalists" (both recent targets) a threat to the Oz, but moral panics are part of News Corp's business model.