If popular Western atheism has anything at all to teach us, it is that all of us, most especially prominent atheists, are yet to learn the skill of disbelief. Atheists, as author Sam Harris demonstrated well last weekend on HBO, are generally slavish believers. And, hey, before you douse the comments with the tepid dregs from Russell’s teapot, the suggestion that the new atheism is built on a foundation of faith is not the same thing as saying that scientific method is hooey. To borrow the winning words of Richard Dawkins, if you confuse the two statements, you should go away and learn how to think.

For all the urging that the so-called Four Horsemen have afforded toward “freethought”, their own views have remained as enslaved to an unexamined darling as Tom Cruise reportedly has to Xenu. Again, this is not to say that the science upon which Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and the late Hitchens putatively base their claim that god is stupid is a sham.