In a week in which the government decided that Muslim women wearing what the Prime Minister described as a “confronting” form of attire should be instructed to sit in a glass enclosure with the noisy schoolchildren (and I was certainly looking forward to reading the outraged letters from parents whose offspring were forced to sit next to the scary terrorist lady), it's pedantic to get uptight over issues of terminology.

But other people have been getting pedantic over the “correct” words for burqa/niqab/chador, etc, and their pedantry has let my pedant off the leash. Various Muslim writers (hello, Waleed Aly) have written op-eds explaining that “it's not a burqa, it's a niqab, a burqa is that blue Afghan thingy”, while “know your veil” explain-o-grams are blossoming throughout the media. Even Richard Roxburgh gave a little sermon on the correct term during an episode of Rake, in which he defended a face-veiled client: