Sep 29, 2014

Julia’s burn book: a study in a prime minister and those who disappoint her

Australia's first female prime minister has released her autobiography, and she is not shy about throwing some shade. Crikey finds the juiciest bits.

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

Julia Gillard’s memoir My Story was released with much fanfare last week, and according to its publishers it is the fastest-selling political book of the year. At 461 pages and covering a wide range of Gillard’s time as prime minister and as Kevin Rudd’s deputy, the hardcover is no light read. While she spends much of the book talking about her motivations and policy achievements, it’s her observations of people and personalities that are the real gold here. Unfortunately she doesn’t talk about Bruce Wilson, the boyfriend she told Ray Martin was a “life error,” but there are quite a few other vignettes that reveal her opinions on her colleagues, and not just about Rudd. So we present some of the highlights of Julia’s burn book:

On Kevin Rudd and Laurie Oakes:

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15 thoughts on “Julia’s burn book: a study in a prime minister and those who disappoint her

  1. puddleduck

    Hmmm. If those ‘spicy’ bits are any indication, JG needed a ghostwriter. Sounds dry and wooden.

  2. chpowell

    That’s it?


  3. David Hand

    Well as she said, “It’s my truth”

  4. Kerryn Goldsworthy

    “Julia [sic] has written a big book about boring old policy, which nobody wants to know about cos it’s boring, so I’ll leaf through that and cherry-pick the gossip and call it ‘Julia’s burn book’.”

    Oh please. Come on, this is no better than banging on about her hair and her clothes.

  5. Stephanie

    Can’t argue with the comment about Peter Hartcher. His partisan rants became so frequent and tedious that I got out of the habit of reading his articles. And previously I had been a fan, to the extent that I went to hear him speak at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and on one or two other occasions.

  6. fractious

    Kerryn #3, agreed, it’s as if the writer of this piece either didn’t read the comments Gillard makes about the Canberra Press Gallery (and the press in general), or beleives they don’t apply to them. I also heard part of the interview with Gillard on Richard Fidler’s programme this morning (I’m sure it’ll be on the ABC website), and boring it wasn’t.

  7. paddy

    I’m with Kerryn and fractious.
    This is about as lame as it gets.
    Lift your game Crikey.

  8. Kevin Herbert

    She was a monumental disappointment intellectually, politically & emotionally……her “Israel no matter what” stance reflects each of these shortcomings.


  9. K.D. Afford

    Sounds terrible, best wait for Abbott’s book “What the Crap, How I was wrong about Climate Change!”

  10. Patricia Crossin

    Gillard alledges that she had asked me (Trish Crossin) to speak to no-one that infamous night except my family and I had agreed…and further that I had been ‘mislead and used’by Kim Carr. This is a work of pure fiction and shows how delusional this saga has become. She asked no such thing….only requested that I not talk to Marion Scrymgour as she was yet to do that. Kim Carr and I spoke of the reality of her ‘having the numbers’ but no justification for my removal. No doubt she second guessed my conversation after talking to Anthony Albanese. I had left the lodge no more than 20 minutes when I got a call from ABC Radio PM show!!! The story has been fabricated to try and discredit former colleagues and to try and justify her chronic lack of judgement and poor decisions once again.

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