You can get away with a lot these days in terms of a criminal record. There are people in positions of power in private and public sectors with hard drugs convictions, and at least one prominent business player who has a manslaughter conviction. Crimes of violence, which left people with damage and fear. But allegations of a sex crime -- any sex crime -- and you are to be damned to perdition. Whether charged or not, your life is forfeit.

That appears to be the position of Marc Boxer, an adviser to Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy, who resigned this week after it was revealed that he had left teaching after an independent tribunal found that he had been inappropriate with a 15-year-old female student, bombarding her with emails and allegedly putting his hand down her pants. Boxer didn't contest the substance of these allegations and left the profession, subsequently joining the public service. His career, and even a job, are now in doubt, and the media immediately dubbed this a scandal besetting the Napthine government.