Sep 26, 2014

An evening with Yvonne Ridley, ‘firebrand radical convert’

The tabloids are painting Yvonne Ridley as a terrorist sympathiser, but Shakira Hussein found her unexpectedly warm and personable in person.

Shakira Hussein — Writer and academic in multiculturalism

Shakira Hussein

Writer and academic in multiculturalism

As the Prime Minister’s national briefings on terrorism warn us to be alert and, when you think about it, actually pretty bloody alarmed, The Daily Telegraph reported that “firebrand radical convert” Yvonne Ridley was set to headline a conference run by an “Islamic group linked to extremists”.

Ridley is one of the international speakers who are scheduled to speak at the 2014 “Crossroads” conference, held by Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

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20 thoughts on “An evening with Yvonne Ridley, ‘firebrand radical convert’

  1. mikeb

    “Ridley claims that she has never yet met a niqabi who’s been forced to wear the veil. “And if there are men out there who force their wives to wear the niqab in public, then by banning it they’ve confined them to the house. If these women exist, then the niqab gave them the freedom to get out of the house.”

    My goodness. Talk about adding a silver lining. Under the Taliban Afghanistan is going to be paradise on Earth for women.

  2. Jeff Richards

    Why do Sunnis keep parading themselves as the representatives of all Muslims? They are not, yet the Sunnis and the media keep identifying Sunni views as the only available voice in Islam.

  3. Mark out West

    Malala, the school girl shot by the taliban for wanting an education

    Opium Brides Multi-award-winning reporter Najibullah Quraishi journeys deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the personal and social devastation the eradication program is causing. He shows how the Taliban protects and encourages heroin smugglers to finance opium growing, in return for a cut of the profits.

    This trite article does nothing to encourage understanding with the this blithe discourse.

  4. Malcolm Grant

    I am forced to use an actual Australian colloquialism in response to Yvonne Ridley’s use of the very English expression ‘daft bint’ when referring to Senator Lambie.

    Ms Ridley was talking complete bollocks when she speculated on the reasons for the banning of the face covering niqab by President Sarkozy as being a way of dealing with the modelling career of his wife, Carla Bruni.

    Her justification is based on the most appallingly badly stated pop psychology and seeks to demonise Sarkozy as a petty man intent on punishing French Muslim women in some sort of act of retaliation because his wife had posed nude a few times.

    “Any schoolboy, anyone in the world who wants to see what Sarkozy’s wife looks like without her clothes on, can just go on the internet and look at her from any angle. And I think that this psychologically damaged Sarkozy and that’s why he banned the niqab. In his own mind, people were judging him, saying, ‘yeah, we can see your wife, but there’s no way that you’re going to see mine’. So ripping of the niqab was just a little way of dealing with that.”

    Pull the other one Yvonne, it’s got bells on it and it plays La Marseillaise.

  5. Salamander

    Shame she went feral on the pop psych. Sounded a bit plausible before that. People can always get quoted out of context, of course. Depends what the question was!

  6. Harry Held

    One of the most self serving pieces of reportage I have read justifying the oppression of a Muslim women.I too have travelled in the Muslim world and found many of the people I met unfailingly generous and welcoming to me, but to suggest women, without exception, relish the wearing of the full burqa is quite insulting to those women who are locked up in these tents, while their husbands waltz along in fashionable jeans, tee shirts and runners.

  7. Danno

    Yes, the Taliban treat their women folk so well. And as for that rant about Sarkozy – talk about ‘incredibly ignorant’!


    Out of the 17 speakers at the Crossroads conference 1 is a woman. I suspect that even the Christians could muster a more evenly weighted gender balance than that.

  9. old greybeard

    I have never seen a problem with head scarves and I don’t particularly like niquabs and hijabs, but I am not offended by them as such. these women are living in what many of them see as modest way and I reckon we could all do with some of that at times. They have a smile, a frown, a personality. Did we say nuns should take off their veil. Did we tell the Slavs not to wear scarves? The burqa does offend me. It removes all of those things. I cannot enter a bank with my face hidden. In terms of general grasp of the world the senator and the columnist seem about equal. One thing though. Compare the regime of the Taliban to the reign of the Mujaheddin warlords they supplanted. I don’t think good and evil are so easy to separate here.

  10. Salamander

    @WB ….But not the Australian Government.

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