Watch out, Gittins. No sooner had Crikey told its readers yesterday that the Fairfax-to-News train was only going one way when news broke that News Corp was losing its national economics editor to The Sydney Morning Herald. Economics wonk Jess Irvine, who started her career as an understudy to Ross Gittins at the SMH, was poached by News in 2012. At the time she tweeted: "I look forward to standing at bus stops with Ross Gittins without getting the urge to push" -- a reference to the fact that Fairfax's top economics editor showed no signs of retirement. Crikey asked Irvine today whether, given her return to Fairfax, Gittins had anything to worry about. "Ross should now consider all forms of public transport highly hazardous," she informed us.

She's not the only new name joining the SMH, editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir strongly hinted yesterday. "There is more to come," he tweeted. -- Myriam Robin