It was Nine's night in metro and regional markets with another big rating number for The Block Glasshouse and the returning Big Brother. Seven's The X Factor was its own worst enemy in promising something that really didn't matter, but was really aimed at the returning Big Brother on Nine. Ten was fourth behind the ABC in both metro and regional markets. The Block had 2.198 million national/ 1.556 million metro/ 642,000 regional viewers.

Seven attempted to drag and hold viewers to The X Factor last night by claiming the votes would be revealed was weak in metro markets. 1.827 million national/ 1.174 million metro/ 653,000 regional viewers tuned in (regional viewers of course once again saved this fading program from another weak metro effort). Rather than the actual number of votes, viewers tuned in to watch and hear the votes were, wait for it -- all the way down to 8 and 9, and those last two competitors had to sing off at the end, one was flicked, one stayed. But was this based on the number of votes? We only have the host's assurance that it was, with no actual numbers released. But the "trick" was aimed at forcing core viewers (female) to stay on Seven while Big Brother started just after 8.30pm on Nine. The X Factor didn't actually finish until close to 9pm.Women from 16-54 had Big Brother as the number two program after The Block, but Big Brother's actual figures were very weak.