Sep 8, 2014

Media briefs: eating roos … who wore it better … Lewis’ ABC? …

The Press Council's ruling on that infamous kangaroo piece. And other media tidbits of the day.

Press Council rules on eating roos. In January, The Australian’s food writer John Lethlean wrote a feature on shooting and eating kangaroos. A month later, the Australian Society for Kangaroos complained about the article to the Australian Press Council. The case has since then become emblematic of News Corp’s complaints about the press standards body.

In early August, as the Oz waited for the adjudication to come down, legal affairs editor Chris Merritt said the complaint “raises the question of whether the complaint-handling processes of the Press Council are too easily captured by activists seeking to punish journalists who express opinions with which they disagree”:

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5 thoughts on “Media briefs: eating roos … who wore it better … Lewis’ ABC? …

  1. klewso

    The Oz and Limited News in general and their “ordinary people” they hide behind?
    Journalists (let alone hacks) aren’t one of us. They occupy a position of influence, reporting what is going on where we aren’t.
    They have objectivity – where a hack has subjectivity.
    They have a responsibility – to their audience (to be impartial and let their audience make up their own minds once informed) – how many of these troll-op-ed hacks employed by Murdoch to push politics, know what that is?
    How many of us are paid/employed to work in elite positions pushing our opinions on punters?
    Paid for pushing our politics?
    Paid to saturate news with opinion?
    [Like the “ordinary people” that work for the nation’s biggest media lump – owned by a foreign citizen – reporting the news, refracted through their personal prejudices? That get to bully and ridicule whoever they want – knowing that editing will either ignore reply or will gather around to bully even more?]
    Hacks are parasites – very bloody ordinary ones – on our democratic system?
    They should neither confuse themselves with “ordinary people” nor “journalists” – they stand apart from civilised society.

  2. SusieQ

    ‘Front page of the day’ – you just had to include that, didn’t you? *sobs*

  3. CML

    Sorry SusieQ – Being a Port Adelaide supporter, I see the ‘Front page of the day’ as being well deserved!

  4. GF50

    Klewso Great comment+++++++

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