Sep 5, 2014

Media briefs: Foxtel falls … newsworthy beheadings … Joan Rivers dies …

Foxtel spooked by the dawning of the age of digital streaming. And other media tidbits of the day.

Some beheadings just don’t rate. While the vile snuff videos of Islamic State militants continue to garner exactly what their makers want — Western media reaction and condemnation — other executions by beheading don’t seem to garner quite so much attention. On Tuesday in Saudi Arabia, there were four more beheadings of people convicted of drug trafficking — three for smuggling amphetamines (not exactly the deadliest drug in the world, but anyway), one for hashish. August featured a remarkable 26 beheadings in Saudi Arabia, often of foreign nationals, for crimes ranging from drug trafficking to domestic homicide and sorcery; the four on Tuesday have gotten September off to a flying start. It’s one thing for a group of brutal terrorists to behead individuals, but a government engaged in beheading people at a rate of around one a day, surely that has drawn protests and criticism from Western governments? No, not a word. Indeed, it has been barely been mentioned in the Australian media, either. We found a single article on Saudi Arabia’s decapitation spree. And, yes, of course IS and Saudi Arabia are different — we’re sure the guy who was beheaded for sorcery at least had the benefit of a proper judicial process. — Bernard Keane


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One thought on “Media briefs: Foxtel falls … newsworthy beheadings … Joan Rivers dies …

  1. klewso

    As you’d expect from a Murdoch rag – “Thanks for that heads up”?

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