Sep 5, 2014

Coalition’s week that was had a familiar feel

The Coalition had a better week, indeed an almost Howardesque one, as it thrashed out a detail with Clive Palmer, intervened in Iraq and came up with nonsense about regional development.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Politics became somewhat more traditional this week. The government worked out that the way to get stalled legislation through a Senate it doesn’t control is to negotiate with crossbenchers. Regional development produced seriously stupid ideas. A minor party imploded. It all felt much more, well, normal, than we’re used to under this government, which has been characterised by blunders, bungles, ineptitude and ideology.


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5 thoughts on “Coalition’s week that was had a familiar feel

  1. Dogs breakfast

    Abbott’s international diplomacy forays are looking more frightening every minute.

    No doubt Peter Hartcher will write him as being a statesman, again, while everybody else just recognises a loose cannon when they see one.

  2. MJPC

    It is very Howardesque, especially the resurgance of the call from the Business council and hangers on calling for abolishing penalty rates.
    Can Work Choices Mk2 be too far off? Then the Cap’n will follow Howard out the door.

  3. Joan Rivers

    di kin ma aish
    di kin ma aish

  4. CML

    Bernard – that bit about minor parties self destructing?
    Give the Greens enough time (rope), and they will eventually hang themselves (self destruct)!
    You might remember in a few years time that you read it here first!!

  5. AR

    Given the robust cliches from BO & Cameroon at NATO last week that they’d do something, sometime about the Ukraine it should be noted the even more robust nein/non from Germany & France which know how their lifestyle is gassed.
    As for Iraq, waiting on a majority of sunni nations to join the cored coalition will make Godot look like Usain Bolt and still they can’t get of the ‘Syria=bad’ trope.
    The arse end of the world has never looked more attractive, safe & secure.
    Not to mention prosperous.

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