Leaked documents obtained by Crikey reveal there may be more to the story surrounding former Sydney neurosurgeon Suresh Nair, who was jailed and then deported over the cocaine-related deaths of two sex workers. The documents reveal that Liaisons, a brothel in Edgecliff, Sydney, was supplying Nair with cocaine during sex orgies at the brothel. The two deaths are not linked to the Liaisons brothel.

A joint Four Corners/Fairfax investigation this week revealed that Nair partook in drug and sex orgies with prostitutes before going to work at Nepean Hospital, where it is alleged he further impaired patients through dodgy surgery. Nair was released from prison last month after serving four years. He pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter and two counts of supplying cocaine.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison cancelled Nair’s permanent residency status, and he was deported to his native Malaysia last week.

Nair graduated from Sydney University in 1991, where his medical friends referred to him as “Sex Rash” in their graduating yearbook, while another declared “Give him a good Penthouse and he’s happy”.

Worse, one of the students observed: ”He may send shivers down patients’ spines at the knowledge that he will soon be a doctor.” How prophetic, given that at least seven patients have now claimed their operations were botched. Carla Downes said her surgery left her with 27% impairment after he operated on the wrong level of her spine, while Rhonda Taylor said her mishandled spinal fusion had “taken her life away”.

While all this was going on Nair was linked to the death of two prostitutes in 2009 by plying them with deadly levels of cocaine during sex and drug orgies at his home in Elizabeth Bay. Victoria McIntyre, 23, died at his apartment in February, while Brazilian national Suellen Domingues Zaupa, 22, died in his apartment in November. The night McIntyre died she was one of three prostitutes entertaining Nair. One of them, Emily, later told a court hearing Nair had been aggressively pushing rocks of cocaine into the women’s vaginas and anuses, which increases the rate of absorption. In November, Zaupa attended his apartment with another prostitute, Carmen, but after consuming too much cocaine she began shaking and struggling for breath and ultimately lost consciousness. When Carmen noticed this she pleaded with Nair to do something. He responded by saying, “I’m a doctor, trust me.” Nair and Carmen decided to leave Zaupa on the bed, and they left his apartment to party on at another city location. Her decomposing body was found by police two days later.

Crikey sources have revealed the NSW police were so determined to get their man Nair they failed to pursue other aspects of the case, including who supplied him with cocaine.

Crikey can reveal the statutory declaration that was signed by a former manager/receptionist in 2011 and reveals that Suresh Nair was a regular client of the business. The statutory declaration includes, among others, the revelations:

  1. “On many occasions and on one occasion that I particularly recall during August 2009 Dr Nair ordered girls from me.”
  2. “He asked the girl for cocaine for his booking.”
  3. “The girl then spoke to [Xxxx] to arrange the drugs and the purchase was arranged from the ‘float’ held for these purposes. [Xxxx Xxxx] and the girl dealt with these arrangements. The girl then procured Dr Nair to reimburse the business for the drugs generally at the rate of $400 per gram or up to $1250 per ‘eight ball’ being about an eight of an ounce. At times cocaine would be held in [Xxxx’x] private safe at ‘Golden Apple’ and in the till at Liaisons.”
  4. “The charge for the drugs would be added to his credit card and marked as ‘tip’, ‘cash out’ or ‘fantasy’.”

The complainant’s declaration was witnessed by one of Sydney’s best-known criminal lawyers and was to be used in unrelated court proceedings, but it was never used and has never come to light. Crikey sought comment from the lawyer, but he declined to make a statement. We have verified the complainant’s employment through leaked wage records of the brothel.

The allegations in the statutory declaration can be corroborated through Liaisons’ leaked business records. The room rental records of the brothel of August 13, 2009 — and this is the key date, as the complainant said she recalled a date in August 2009 — show Nair entered room 8 at 1.25am, where he was entertained by a prostitute until 9.25am that day. In that time, $5500 was recorded as “cashout” against Nair’s MasterCard. The records show he spent $2460 for sexual services for the eight hours he was there. Crikey has verified the transactions through signed credit card consent forms and credit card slips.

Crikey has obtained the room rental records of the infamous 25-hour drug and orgy stint at the brothel, during which Nair was entertained from 10.50pm on September 11 to 11.50pm on September 12.

In that time he saw nine different prostitutes and spent $56,405 on his MasterCard, of which only $18,305 was attributable to sexual services.

Four Corners interviewed two sex workers from Liaisons sister brothel The Golden Apple in Potts Point, Sydney, and they alleged that the drugs-and-sex combo was freely available at the brothel, to which Superintendent Tony Crandell responded: “The evidence which may be inferred from records, financial transactions et cetera, we did not found to be conclusive. There was an offer of $20,000 to two sex workers to engage in sexual activity unprotected. It was not unusual for Suresh Nair to make large offers of money by way of financial transaction or otherwise to get what he wanted.”