Sep 2, 2014

Iraqi ambassador rescues Abbott, Labor says ‘trust us’

The government's intervention in Iraq has been agreed without the claimed support of Iraq. But Labor is docilely following Abbott.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

It took many months and an exhaustive and ultimately fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction for the manufactured nature of the 2003 Iraq War to become apparent. Yesterday it took barely two hours for the confected nature of Australia’s involvement in the continuation of that conflict to be revealed.

At 2pm, Prime Minister Tony Abbott rose to deliver a statement to Parliament on the government’s plan to run arms to the Kurdish regional government. In doing so, he told Parliament that the operation had the “the support of the Iraqi government”. It was different wording to that he had used on Sunday in making the announcement, when he referred to the operation being conducted “with the permission of the Iraqi government”.

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10 thoughts on “Iraqi ambassador rescues Abbott, Labor says ‘trust us’

  1. extra

    It’s really painful to watch Labor being totally supine over all this.

    Don’t they have anyone who could craft a stance that while going along with the Coalition, leaves enough daylight between them that they can leave the Coalition carrying the can when it all turns to tears? Isn’t that what you employ Ministers’ Offices full of career policy minders for?

  2. klewso

    Like watching a couple of dancing bears?
    I thought it was cute, how Big Ears and Noddy both knew where those cameras are in the House and looked straight into them “to address their fellow Australians”?
    [“The secret to success is sincerity…… when you can fake that you got it made!”?]

  3. Pamela

    Just makes me want to vomit.

  4. GF50

    Thanks Bernard, This is so gobsmackingly unbelievable.

    @Pamela, I’m with you pass the bucket please.

  5. Kevin Herbert

    I’m looking forward to the day when there’s a second party in the House of Representatives…besides PUP of course.

  6. SusieQ

    We’ve always known the Libs have no principles but its sickening to see Labour follow them down the same road – are they scared of being ‘wedged’ on the issue? I don’t understand….

  7. Liz Connor

    They’ve been wedged already. The Abbott government’s rise in the polls stays it all.

  8. Duncan Gilbey

    I expected a cynical/opportunistic LNP but never thought that Labor would be so gutless.

    Don’t come looking for my vote in 2016 Shorten, you’ve lost me forever.

  9. fractious

    “The problem is, we don’t trust the political class and intelligence agencies on Iraq, not after the debacle of 2003, nor should we.”

    Exactly so Bernard, and it makes no real difference whether it’s the LNP or ALP entreating us to trust them. I would not suggest Shorten & co adopt the Abbott et al approach of opposing for the sake of it, but I do wonder in what sense the title ‘Opposition’ applies to Shorten and Plibersek when they are so willing to lie down and be run over. Had it not been for Bandt and Wilkie, Australia would have toddled off to the ME again without a so much as single objection raised in Parliament.

  10. CML

    The ALP? Gutless wonders, and fools all!
    Trust them? No way!!

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