Sep 1, 2014

Media briefs: Hywood’s salary… ad-nauseam… APN spinoff…

Is Greg Hywood really the best-paid media executive? And other media tidbits of the day.

Fat cats and gossip mongers. Far be it from Crikey to come to the aid of Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood, but this morning’s sledging of Hywood’s remuneration in The Australian‘s media pages needs some context. The column, jointly authored by Darren Davidson and Sharri Markson, claimed that Hywood “is in line to become the highest-paid boss of an Australian media company, with share options worth a staggering $16 million at current prices”.


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3 thoughts on “Media briefs: Hywood’s salary… ad-nauseam… APN spinoff…

  1. klewso

    Ever taped, then edited those programs on TV? A 30 minute show is 20 minutes without ads, an hour program is 40 minutes. So 3 hours is actually one hour of floss.
    Get Murdoch’s FUXTEL – and you get to pay for the ads, after the sponsors have too.

  2. SusieQ

    Viewers are not ‘forced’ to watch any of those ads or the crappy programs in between – there is the ‘record’ button, the ‘mute’ button and the ‘change channels’ button, all of which means you never have to watch an ad again.

  3. Scott Grant

    I presume the boffins in charge at these TV channels do know just how many viewers they put off by their contemptuous and contemptible behaviour. I guess their remaining viewers are deserving of their disrespect.

    I am willing to sit through a few ads, reasonably spaced, if I find a program worth watching. These days I hardly ever watch commercial television. Both because of the lack of watchable programs, and because of the utter disregard for viewers.

    A while ago, I noticed several programs where ad breaks and length increased as the program developed towards a climax, until it was 5 minutes (or less) of program followed by 5 minutes (or more) of ads, and repeat. I stopped watching.

    These days, I have noticed that whole advertising campaigns can completely pass me by, until I read about it, indirectly, somewhere. There are probably others I have no knowledge of whatsoever.

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