Tips and rumours

Aug 29, 2014

Tips and rumours

Classification board roles politicised ... carbon tax savings don't add up ... Gillard's book launch no cheap affair


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6 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. klewso

    Isn’t Joyce a cunning Lingus mole?

  2. form1planet

    Anyone feeling hard done by in not receiving the full $550 saving from their energy retailer can simply recoup the difference by purchasing up to 5.5 lamb roasts. There! Problem solved.

  3. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    The Libs energy graphic is classic sales bs. It reminds me when you see a shop with “Up to 70% Off” and just five t-shirts down the back which were $100 and now are $30 and still a rip off. The question to ask is always “70% off what?”

  4. wayne robinson

    Synergy, the Western Australian electricity supplier, claims a $263 per year saving from abolishing the carbon price. If you use 30 units of electricity per day, which is enormous. The average electricity consumption in Perth is 15 units per day. I use 3 units per day. Low consumption of 5 units per day saves $46 a year.

    On a proportionate basis, to save $550 a year, you’d need to be using 60 units per day. Impossible, unless you’re running a large scale hydroponics for cannabis in all your rooms, perhaps?

  5. wayne robinson

    Synergy in WA claims that households using 14 units of electricity (which is around the average for Perth) will save around $120 per year on the previous $1500 per year which is about 8%, almost but not quite 9.8% claimed in the Liberal Party graphic.

    But still a long way from Abbott’s $550 saving per year, which would require consumption of at least 60 units per day.

  6. Paracleet

    Speaking for WA’s figure on the infographic, and if I’m right they would have done this everywhere, what they have done is simply pretend that the % removal of a carbon component from the per kWh charge is the same as the bill reduction.
    Most people in WA would be on the A1 tariff which was 23.55 c/kWh and the Carbon charge was 2.368 c/kWh. I.E. Almost exactly 10%. You then have to pay supply charges on top of that (and GST on the supply charge). The most you could save is more like 8% on a ‘normal’ bill. You have to be using a stupid amount of power in order to reduce the fixed component of the bill to a nominal proportion.
    The other thing to remember is that in addition to original federal compensation tax cuts holders of a Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card, Veterans’ Affairs Gold card, Commonwealth Senior Health Card or WA Seniors Card​ already get $208 a year off their bill which for most users would represent no less than a 10% discount and at ‘average’ consumptions more like 15%. To save $550 you would need to burn 550/0.2368 units a year = 23226 units: 63 units a day. As above @waynerobinson only someone with an aeroplane hanger full of weed is burning that much.

    I.E. it’s B*llshit

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