Aug 28, 2014

The leak that saved the RET, good for jobs and energy prices

Reneging on the RET wouldn't just cost jobs, it would actually increase electricity prices as well, writes executive director of The Australia Institute Richard Denniss.

In a clear vote of no confidence in the Australian economy, Australia’s largest ever investment in solar energy was scrapped last week. The problem for the government is that while there is a big difference between media strategy and economic strategy, this government doesn’t appear to be doing a good job of either.


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5 thoughts on “The leak that saved the RET, good for jobs and energy prices

  1. graybul

    Dead right Richard . . Should Australia lose RET and eviscerate future Renewable Energy Industry (following on from Turnbull’s NBN debacle), Abbott’s Idealogues WILL serve as a one term Government. They will also stand revealed as the most duplicitious Government since Federation.
    One million five hundred households, and counting, will not forget at the next Federal Election.

  2. Dogs breakfast

    Somewhat older white male here, and couldn’t be a greater supporter of the RET.

    It’s simple, straightforward, doesn’t pick winners, just outcomes, and puts such a dent in the old electricity market business model that it is working brilliantly to bring down wholesale prices, and peak demand issues.

    It’s also high tech, looks to the future, isn’t about propping up dying industries, and could lead us to both meet our Treaty targets and perhaps even become world leaders.

    Dem conservatives are hating ………..

    No wonder!

  3. graybul

    Dog’s breakfast . . Also ‘OLDER MALE’ who talks with numbers of same generation. All embrace Solar and are very unhappy with Govt’s handling of energy issue. . . So where does this ‘older male voters’ hating ‘green initiatives’ fallacy come from??

  4. wbddrss

    1) grid not maintained correctly could cause bush fires. Hence some justification, legally for maintenance of a high std capacity grid
    2) solar has been highly disruptive as compared to wind as wind needs grid but solar ie PV on roof does not need grid. Hence most profitable period of grid is denied to owners of grid for profit generation. This means subsidies to PV on roof means subsidies latter on to prop up unprofitable grid to transport energy from wind farm to consumer.
    All over world utilities are doing it hard time.

    3) As cu wire ages the resistance goes up, which means potentially higher maintenance charges somewhere on grid in case fires or other things go wrong.
    4) lots of grid has been privatized hence potential for conspiracies & collusion for rising profits manipulated to get benefits from shareholders to directors in form of free options set at appropriate strike price as SP rises etc. Just speculating as another motivation to increase price of energy.

    These are just four complications for “poles & wires” hypothesis(not denying it could be true)which may account for desire for higher prices by owners of grid.
    This may be poorly articulated but the thrust I hope is transparent.

  5. MJPC

    I have my hands up as an older white mail; I love green initiatives and all power to renewables and less power to the flat earthers running this country. History will not be kind to their legacy in this area (or any areas it appears).
    Cap’n Abbott and his fellow travellers just just can’t see the revolution in renewables happening overseas.

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