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Senate voting blocs more complicated than they appear

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3 thoughts on “Senate voting blocs more complicated than they appear

  1. Dogs breakfast

    MR Gordon’s comments about the coalition passing legislation is rubbish. The entire Rudd Gillard era legislation was achieved in spite of the coalition.

    And there were plenty of good policy measures that were voted down by the coalition, in particular, abolition of rebates for medical funds for high earners, and taxation of substantial superannuation pensions above around the $110 k per year.

    There were plenty of taxation measures that were voted down by the coalition. Mr Gordon embraces ancient history and has to go back to early parts of the Hawke/Keating government to find coalition support for genuinely forward looking policy.

    Oh, except for superannuation,

    and water, education, health, the aqueducts, ………

  2. drsmithy

    I’m still wondering how phone booking of taxis know my home address without use of an illegal reverse phonebook.

    Same way they know my “home address” even though I always call with a mobile. You’ve called them before and they saved the address they picked you up from in their database.

  3. Kevin_T

    With the current technology, why is a reverse phone book illegal anyway?