Aug 28, 2014

Poll Bludger: NSW Libs can’t stop the rot as ICAC claims another soul

The NSW Liberals are hemorrhaging MPs in the wake of ICAC investigations. The latest victim is Londonderry MP Bart Bassett, whose recent history shows branch-stacking and factional squabbles aren't just for Labor.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

The New South Wales Liberal Party’s unfolding crisis shows no sign of abating, with the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s inquiry into property developer donations yesterday claiming its tenth victim. Bart Bassett joins an ever-lengthening list of state MPs who have either stood aside from the party or resigned from parliament altogether, along with federal ministerial casualty Arthur Sinodinos.

The allegations facing Bassett should sound familiar enough by now, involving as they do attempts to circumvent the ban on donations from property developers brought in by the Labor government in 2009. Once (and future?) coal mining magnate Nathan Tinkler is again at the centre of proceedings, as is the role of a Liberal Party associated entity, the Free Enterprise Foundation, in facilitating the flow of property developer money to election candidates.

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3 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: NSW Libs can’t stop the rot as ICAC claims another soul

  1. klewso

    I hope you’re going to keep us, here at Crikey, posted on the outcome of that reform proposal – because I’m damned sure “Teem Murdoch” (with their far greater resources for informing the public – should they so desire) will ignore it?

  2. JohnB

    Long may the Liberals continue to hemorrhage.

    The current and continuing blowback from the ICAC hearings represents possibly the best and most well-earned own goal in NSW politics for many years.

    Prospects of implicating Liberal federal heavies are succulent in the extreme.

    There are no superlatives adequate to the task of describing the delight experienced by those who are offended daily by the thought of having a liar as PM, heading a party of undead white male religious bigots (and proud of it) and a party in NSW that is seen to be up to its neck in do-do.

    Yep, Labor certainly failed to earn the right to govern at state and federal levels. What we are witnessing daily is that the same goes for their primary opponents.

    Maybe, after the coming clean-out, we will at long last see candidates of mettle and honor from both sides, starting with NSW early next year and leading towards federal elections in 2016. At last! A couple of real elections!

    Now, where are those policies we were hoping to consider?

  3. The Pav

    Obviously there should be a royal commission into the dishonesty of the NSW Liberal Party.

    The corruption seems endemic Just like Qld under Joh.

    Look forward to the PM calling it as he ahs for the Union Commission

    Oops, I forgot that he is part of the NSW Liberal party and there for probably as tainted, along with his Treasurer.

    The adults have not taken over the country Just the crooks

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