What’s Team Australia’s strategy?

Crikey readers talk the Abbott government and the Murdoch press.

Costello’s laurels a triumph of spin

John McCombe writes: Re. “Essential: Liberals the ‘upper class’ party? And Costello best treasurer” (yesterday). Talk about Teflon-coated. When the establishment picks someone to groom and promote, the facts become so tiresome. Peter Costello has benefited from boosting for years, from his student days in the shadow of others in Liberal Party student leadership to his role as junior to Alan Goldberg QC in the Dollar Sweets case, to passively enjoying windfall mining tax receipts as treasurer and giving most of it away buying votes, to his repeated failure to challenge Howard for the leadership, to squibbing the toughest job of all, opposition leader. Costello has always managed to get his supercilious mug into the front of someone else’s picture. Eventually he had to beg his mates for a job at the Future Fund. His topping Essential’s “greatest treasurer” poll is a triumph for spin over substance. Peter Costello is the most overrated person in Australian public life (challenged only by Martin Ferguson, but that’s another story).

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4 thoughts on “What’s Team Australia’s strategy?

  1. klewso

    Abbott (with Murdoch’s blessing) wrapping himself in our “Team Australia” flag reminds me of Hanson – and look what he did to her (with Peter Coleman’s backing) to get to her policies – to adopt?

  2. Bill Hilliger

    John McCombe: Costello …eventually had to beg his mates for a job at the Future Fund. Says it all. There are many in the current government that will be in the same Costello position after next election.

  3. Luke Hellboy

    Team Australia’s strategy is to kick lots of goals… own goals are still goals, aren’t they?

  4. The Old Bill

    At least Team Australia is Aussie Luke, that’s why an own goal is worth one point but an opposition goal is six points.
    Not like those namby pamby Europeans where shooting yourself in the foot is just as bad as the opposition doing it.
    Tony is still preferred PM because being a d*#khead here unfortunately means you are a bonzer bloke.

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