Aug 27, 2014

Vindictive, self-serving tosh: the Oz v the Press Council a phoney war

They sky is not falling, and the Australian media world will continue to turn despite News Corp picking a fight with the Press Council.

David Salter

Journalist and former Media Watch executive producer.

The doleful Jeremiahs who fear this month’s silly fracas between The Australian and the Press Council may unwittingly end in a restriction on our media freedoms need to have a cup of tea and a nice lie down. Anyone who’s spent much time trying to understand the feeble mechanics of media accountability in this country knows that for most of its 38-year history the Australian Press Council has been not much more than window dressing.


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6 thoughts on “Vindictive, self-serving tosh: the Oz v the Press Council a phoney war

  1. klewso

    Rupert unleashed his “Brown Shirts”? (Brown – to blend in with their origin?)

  2. ralph

    How true. And on the electronic media front, they are happy to bow down to regulation about content and other matters while ever the three commercial TV stations to a market rule remains and conservative planning of new radio stations continues. Sometimes media and other interests like regulative arrangements to continue, at other times no. Follow the money.

  3. fractious

    “the APC could make a hundred adverse findings against News Corp papers and it would make no difference… The council has no real power… public complaints to the APC are dismissed without a full hearing…”

    Thanks David. The above pretty much describes the way every occasion I’ve had dealings with the APC to a T.

    “What more proof do we need that the policy of media self-regulation in Australia is little more than a charade?”

    And will always be so until Australia has its own Milly Dowler case (and even then I’ve got doubts).

  4. Glen Knight

    About 5 yrs ago, for exactly this sort of behaviour – and many others – I cancelled my subscription to Foxtel, stopped buying The Australian, and made a mental list of all News Limited products I could think of – then avoided all of them.
    It stopped being journalism or even entertainment a long time ago, and became a hate-filled, crusading, irrational and vicious organisation. Why anyone else still listens to these evil bastards, through any of their voices, puzzles me.

  5. Andrew McIntosh

    Very good article, and that bit about Saturn was a nice turn of phrase, too.

  6. Sharkie

    Mocking the journalistic standards at The Australian is good for a laugh but is it really worth it?
    Have you seen the readership figures lately? It’s the paper of choice for a mere 1% of Australians who enjoy reading it while having a Tea Party with their increasingly deluded friends.
    The rest of the country’s media take Rupert’s “quality” press WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too seriously.

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