As any overpriced, dubiously credentialed social media expert will tell you, authenticity on Twitter is paramount. And nothing is more authentic than fucking up.

Just after lunch on Tuesday, Melbourne’s lord mayor, Robert Doyle, appeared to go Twitter Crazy, posting shout-outs to a website that translates LA Times stories into “geek”, a screenshot from Facebook, two pictures of a woman holding a bag of dried dates, and a happy snap from what looks like an open casting call for a Melbourne Cup-themed sequel to Eyes Wide Shut.

The lord mayor’s tweets were deleted 10 minutes later.

In addition to fucking up, petty vendettas rank highly for authenticity. Former SMH columnist Mike Carlton was asked what he thought about the spat between The Australian media editor Sharri Markson and The Australian Financial Review’s Joe Aston. Carlton commented that he “couldn’t give a rat’s arse for the two little pissants”.

That prompted Aston to reply that “we may be pissants but at least both of us still have jobs you sad fossil.” Markson high-fived Aston with a retweet.

An hour later, presumably conflicted at being seen to support a journalist she’d earlier attacked in her newspaper, Markson deleted the retweet.

Now, on to another Sharri. @Sharri2000 is a parody of Sharri Markson in the style of a parody of Kevin Rudd (@Rudd2000) which was itself modelled on a parody of Seinfeld (@Seinfeld2000). Got that? Good.

There’s been some conjecture as to who’s behind @Sharri2000, but this mistweet by the veteran (and brilliant) @ABCNewsIntern Twitter account seems to indicate that they’re one and the same person.

That tweet was deleted a minute later, with @Sharri2000 posting the following four minutes afterwards.