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Aug 26, 2014

'This is our community': inside the real Lakemba that Blair ignored

Freelance writer Kavita Bedford retraces Tele writer Tim Blair's steps in the western suburb of Lakemba and wonders: how much did Blair really learn while inside his hotel room for one night?


Poppy, Daisy Bourke and a local enjoy a drink at the Lakemba Hotel. Photograph by Christopher Woe

The bar staff at the Lakemba Hotel are reluctant to talk to the media. Framed as the last white Western outpost in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba, they have spent the past week fielding calls asking for their views for radio, newspapers and television. Last week controversial columnist Tim Blair began his article in The Daily Telegraph “Last Drinks in Lakemba: Tim Blair takes a look inside Sydney’s Muslim Land” lamenting the demise of “the last Anglo holdout in Sydney’s otherwise Middle-Eastern south-western suburb,” suggesting the bar business was struggling due to the Islamification of the suburb. A suburb where he alleges it is difficult to find a word of English, let alone a symbolic copy of Gideon’s Bible.

But the hotel’s management are not thrilled with their newfound fame. “He never mentioned he was doing a story and definitely never told us it would be about the hotel or that our conversations would be part of his piece. If he had told us his true intentions — and how he rubbished us and our community in Lakemba — we would have asked him to leave,” said bar manager Rina Bourke.

The hotel is not exactly a last gasp of white Australia. Bourke, who is half-Fijian and half-Samoan, has managed the pub for the past 20 years and says the pub fits into the heart of a multicultural suburb. Her sister Daisy also works at the pub and is married to a Muslim man.

“This is a multicultural pub for everyone,” Bourke said. “In fact, a big part of our clientele is Muslim, but we didn’t want to say that out of respect to their values. There are different sects which all have different views on drinking — you can’t just lump them into one. We just treat people how we want to be treated.”

She says the bar staff did not know Blair was going to write an article about them.

“Poppy, the staffer who was named in the article, said: “I feel used … He made us and the pub sound racist.”

“The day this article hit and we saw what had been said we went straight to the Islamic leaders at the mosque to say our words had been distorted. And they got it. It is so sad because it happens so much to them that they understood straight away. He doesn’t have to live here. He can’t come in, say these false things, stir the pot, and then go back to Surry Hills. We live here and deal with the fallout of his ignorance. This is our community.”

Poppy, the staffer who was named in the article, said: “I feel used. In the same way he took parts of the Islamic verse and wrote them without their surrounding context, he took my words and made them sound awful. He made us and the pub sound racist.“

Poppy says Blair hardly left his room during his stay. “He went out for a brief wander and he came back looking very troubled. He asked us if we’d been across the road to the Islamic bookstore. He said they had all kinds of filth in there.  But we have no reason to go in there so we just shook our heads. Then after all that he only ended up staying one night.”

The article tenuously ties Blair’s brief visit to an Islamic bookstore to a discussion of the “seething young Muslims” forming their plans for the Islamic riots in 2012. The owners of the bookstore declined to comment, as each time they have tried to set the story straight with the media it backfires. A young Muslim man from a nearby bookstore told us his reaction to the article. “It’s how they sell papers. We’re used to it. People always lump all Muslims together — but even calling Muslims a monoculture makes no sense. Here people come from Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Indonesia. I am from Azerbaijan, which is technically Eastern Europe, but no one will treat me that way because they just see the beard.”

Interestingly, there is a current threat to the multicultural community of Lakemba that the article failed to mention. A walk down Haldon Street, much like the one Blair did, reveals posters scrawled with the acronym ADL, which stands for the Australian Defence League. The Australian Defence League is a registered not-for-profit organisation that incites its followers to violence and in recent months has been escalating a directed hate campaign against Australian Muslims. The ADL has fewer than 30 members, but its Facebook group has attracted over 8000 members. According to its Facebook page, “The Australian Defence League (ADL) is a human rights organisation that exists to protect the inalienable rights of all people to protest against radical Islam’s encroachment into the lives of non Muslims … ADL believes that radical Islam has a stranglehold on Australian Muslims. It keeps them fearful and isolated.”

This group came into the Lakemba Hotel a week or so before Blair did, trying to stir up trouble. A staffer told us, “They want to do things like petition for a hotdog stand outside the mosque and such. We kicked them out and told them they weren’t welcome here. But one of the things they said as they were leaving was that they were the ‘last Anglo holdout’. It was the exact same words we saw by Blair in the Telegraph headline the next week — and it made me shiver.”

*Kavita Bedford is the producer of Mapping Frictions: Stories from Bankstown, a digital storytelling site that seeks to showcase local stories


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16 thoughts on “‘This is our community’: inside the real Lakemba that Blair ignored

  1. SusieQ

    Why is anyone surprised? And yet people in Sydney continue to buy that ridiculous paper….

  2. Coaltopia

    Great piece – who knew we could “just treat people how we want to be treated.” Maybe that golden rule diminishes the closer you get to the water…

  3. rhwombat

    Blair just barks when Rupert pulls his chain.

  4. MJPC

    As Cap’n Abbott would know “the first casualty when war comes is the truth”. He needs articles, such as the Telegraph diatribe, to create the sense of fear and loathing in areas he gets votes from.
    As the young Muslim stated “it’s how they sell papers” and as the article attests, multicultural means from all parts of the globe, not just Muslims from war areas. I would have thought if you had escaped a warzone the last thing you would want in your streets is conflict (but that headline doesn’t sell newspapers like the Telegraph).

  5. Catherine Scott

    I grew up in Bankstown. My mother still lives there. It and its surrounding suburbs, including Lakemba, are a vibrantly multicultural and not at all scary place.

    Way back when I was a young girl and a teenager it was in the Murdoch and Packer papers all the time for ‘gang rapes’ and other unsavoury goings on. I remember some man telling me when I was about 16 that I was from the ‘rape belt’.

    That seems to have lodged in the racial consciousness of Sydneyites because there is still a lot of going on about the supposed threat of sexual violence to any female person who strays near Banky. It makes the Muslim bashers very cross when I point out that it was Anglo Celts who were the problem when I lived there.

    And the idea of Bankstownites as violent rabble certainly conditions the perceptions of the riff raff who work for Murdoch, if their bollocks reporting is any to go by.

  6. Electric Lardyland

    Yes, MJPC, that is one thing that seems to relentlessly escape the average talkback and tabloid bigot, that is; if you escape from a war zone, where the conflict has been greatly exacerbated by the behavior of rabid fundamentalists, then you usually don’t want to support that fundamentalism in your safe and far more peaceful new home.

    But hey, maybe we’re all being a bit hard on poor Timmy, I mean, all of a sudden having to deal with such a range of coloured folks, must have been terribly confusing for him.

  7. John Taylor

    What surprises me is that anyone was actually surprised by Blair’s antics and story. What did they expect? A road to Damascus moment?

  8. klewso

    Facts in a Limited News paper – let alone the Teletrash? Could civilisation handle that?

    [Imagine him on that “road to Damascus” – he’d need a nappy…..?]

  9. Kevin Herbert

    Blair’s yet another Limited News hack of no substance…a permanent C Grade journo, no matter what promotions he may attract.

  10. rhwombat

    JT@#7: if only it was on the road to Damascus – and the hands of Assad or IS.

  11. sparky

    If you do not know a person born in another country or of a different faith/ non faith or different sexuality or different gluten intolerance status as yourselves, your job is now to go and get one into your life. Knowing is the only way these dumb things are defeated. No amount of talking about how object A is not like object B will have any effect on the opinions of people looking to blame a group for their own perceived injustices or a group willing to exploit that perception.

  12. Roberto Tedesco

    Dimbo Blair is just a nodding dog from News Corpse. He stayed one night and barely left his room – what a complete and utter tool.

  13. fractious

    “…how much did Blair really learn while inside his hotel room for one night?”

    I presume that’s a rhetorical question, set up for the purpose of introduction and narrative: Blair never set out to learn anything about Lakemba or the people who lived there. He probably went out of his way to avoid learning anything.

    Beyond obvious shit-stirring hack stirs shit, I wonder if Timmeh isn’t suffering the same stupid that the Rabbott of Caerbannog administration is – viz. the limitless capacity to offend one or more of its core constituencies every time it tries to appease what it thinks its real constituency is. Presumably Timmeh writes his puerile diatribes for the benefit (if that’s the word I’m looking for) of some mythical “typical” Western Sydney blue-collar consumer, a hard-copy version of The Parrot, Lawsie and co. if you like. And, again like HoJo and Erica, in putting this particular collection of cliches and untruths to print, he thought he’d hit payola… only to find out he’d alienated (yet another) part of the real western Sydney.

    I can only hope Timmeh’s next exciting adventure (assuming the Daily Torygraph ever let him off his leash, and that Timmeh overcomes his timidity to stray past Marrickville) includes a train ticket to Cabramatta. Oh, wait, they tried that a decade ago, only to find out (to their dismay) that the locals had already dealt with whatever it was the Terror had set out to prove about the place.

    If anyone who hasn’t been and spent time there really needs short, sharp insights on the life and culture of western Sydney, they could do worse than ignore the Terrorgraph altogether – for all its shouty “support” for the area – and watch Housos. It’s more informative, and IMO and for all its OTT-ness, written and acted with a lot of understanding and affection for the characters and people it mercilessly makes fun of. And it’s bl00dy funny.

    Timmeh can only dream of being that close to the mark.

  14. Northy

    I believe Tim Blair lives in the eastern suburbs around Bondi, along with editor Paul ‘Fair go for the west’ Whittaker

  15. tassiedev01

    The Daily terror has struck again.

  16. old greybeard

    I remember how Alan Jones destroyed the reputations of school principals in Cabramatta!! Last week at a conference I listened to the principals of Greenacre Public School and Bankstown Public, praising their communities. There are plenty of dorks in every community.. some join the LNP or work for Rupert unfortunately.


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