Aug 26, 2014

‘This is our community’: inside the real Lakemba that Blair ignored

Freelance writer Kavita Bedford retraces Tele writer Tim Blair's steps in the western suburb of Lakemba and wonders: how much did Blair really learn while inside his hotel room for one night?

Poppy, Daisy Bourke and a local enjoy a drink at the Lakemba Hotel. Photograph by Christopher Woe

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16 thoughts on “‘This is our community’: inside the real Lakemba that Blair ignored

  1. SusieQ

    Why is anyone surprised? And yet people in Sydney continue to buy that ridiculous paper….

  2. Coaltopia

    Great piece – who knew we could “just treat people how we want to be treated.” Maybe that golden rule diminishes the closer you get to the water…

  3. rhwombat

    Blair just barks when Rupert pulls his chain.

  4. MJPC

    As Cap’n Abbott would know “the first casualty when war comes is the truth”. He needs articles, such as the Telegraph diatribe, to create the sense of fear and loathing in areas he gets votes from.
    As the young Muslim stated “it’s how they sell papers” and as the article attests, multicultural means from all parts of the globe, not just Muslims from war areas. I would have thought if you had escaped a warzone the last thing you would want in your streets is conflict (but that headline doesn’t sell newspapers like the Telegraph).

  5. Catherine Scott

    I grew up in Bankstown. My mother still lives there. It and its surrounding suburbs, including Lakemba, are a vibrantly multicultural and not at all scary place.

    Way back when I was a young girl and a teenager it was in the Murdoch and Packer papers all the time for ‘gang rapes’ and other unsavoury goings on. I remember some man telling me when I was about 16 that I was from the ‘rape belt’.

    That seems to have lodged in the racial consciousness of Sydneyites because there is still a lot of going on about the supposed threat of sexual violence to any female person who strays near Banky. It makes the Muslim bashers very cross when I point out that it was Anglo Celts who were the problem when I lived there.

    And the idea of Bankstownites as violent rabble certainly conditions the perceptions of the riff raff who work for Murdoch, if their bollocks reporting is any to go by.

  6. Electric Lardyland

    Yes, MJPC, that is one thing that seems to relentlessly escape the average talkback and tabloid bigot, that is; if you escape from a war zone, where the conflict has been greatly exacerbated by the behavior of rabid fundamentalists, then you usually don’t want to support that fundamentalism in your safe and far more peaceful new home.

    But hey, maybe we’re all being a bit hard on poor Timmy, I mean, all of a sudden having to deal with such a range of coloured folks, must have been terribly confusing for him.

  7. John Taylor

    What surprises me is that anyone was actually surprised by Blair’s antics and story. What did they expect? A road to Damascus moment?

  8. klewso

    Facts in a Limited News paper – let alone the Teletrash? Could civilisation handle that?

    [Imagine him on that “road to Damascus” – he’d need a nappy…..?]

  9. Kevin Herbert

    Blair’s yet another Limited News hack of no substance…a permanent C Grade journo, no matter what promotions he may attract.

  10. rhwombat

    [email protected]#7: if only it was on the road to Damascus – and the hands of Assad or IS.

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