Aug 26, 2014

In-flight mobiles will be annoying — but not dangerous

Plane Talker Ben Sandilands confesses all about the new rules allowing gate-to-gate use of small electronic devices on Qantas and Virgin flights.

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

OK, sue me.  I can’t remember a flight between Sydney and Melbourne in the last five years when my inadvertently left-on Blackberry didn’t land with more new emails than it showed before take off.


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5 thoughts on “In-flight mobiles will be annoying — but not dangerous

  1. rachel612

    “Will we face a future in which there are “quiet rows” like the phone-free carriages on some trains, with others reserved for loud-talking Masters of the Universe? That’s the real worry.”

    Oh, yes, please. It’s not a worry at all. I’d like a quiet row please. Please.

  2. Chris Wilson

    “In that regard, flying has now become just as fraught with delays — caused by inattentive social media or entertainment device users”

    This pales into insignificance compared with the interminable delays as passengers upfront search vainly but slowly for their 2 bags, coat and food hamper, all in separate lockers.

  3. Decca

    Yeah, mobile phones. I never thought of the irritation aspect until now. At least on the trams/trains it’s only 30 mins or so.
    The horror!

  4. AR

    Oh the horror, the horror, the trials & tribulations of the 21stC worker bee.

  5. The Old Bill

    Not happy Ben.
    Flew to Melbourne Tuesday – D Day for phones on QANTAS and I had to turn mine off.

    Not only that, but my copy of the Fin Review, hidden behind glass at the gate to try to force you to take Murdoch rubbish, outlined even more financial woes and self made problems for the just hopping kangaroo.

    Lets see if I can leave my phone on on purpose tomorrow on the way home.

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