From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Not armed? It was an exchange that made headlines on Friday, with Immigration departmental secretary Martin Bowles telling Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs, "we don’t have armed guards, we don’t have armed guards, president. I’d like you to acknowledge that." While Bowles was correct that there are not armed guards at the detention centres, these photos released by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre show there are armed Customs officials who first intercept asylum seekers arriving by boat. While under the previous government they operated under the remit of the Attorney-General's office, Customs has been a part of the Department of Immigration since last year's election. The photos released also show Serco response teams, which while not armed with guns, carry flexi cuffs and night torches that can be used as batons. So while the camps themselves might not have armed guards, Triggs may be onto something when she says the camps are like prisons.

The car so expensive it doesn't exist. On Thursday, Crikey informed its readers that Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood -- he of the recently increased salary -- was driving around in a brand-new Maserati. We asked a Fairfax spokesperson, who told us it was a Maserati Ghibli sedan. "It cost around $140,000. And it's blue. At least it's not red". So you can imagine our delight when we saw the tip relayed to another audience (or is it the same audience?) in today's Australian media diary, which went to an unnamed Fairfax source to slam the "insensitivity" of the purchase. But what was the car? A "Ferrari Maserati"? We're not sure that's quite right -- that'd be like driving a Holden Toyota. Strangely, the mistake appears online but not in print -- what's going on with the rev-heads in the Oz's subbing department?