Aug 25, 2014

Rundle: the government’s Escherian spiral to nowhere

Are the adults really in charge? Not even the Coalition knows.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Parliament begins sitting tomorrow for another gruelling fortnight, which will most likely resemble the Battle of Stalingrad more than the calm deliberations of the Westminster system. Street by street, house by house, amendment by amendment and deal by deal, the Abbott government is still trying to put together the core initiatives it announced as its bold plan to end the “age of entitlement”. Barring some secret comprehensive deal stitched together with a bloc consisting of PUP + Muir and the Leyonhjelm (Lib Dem)-Bob Day (Liberal Fi-, sorry. Family First) axis, there is going to be no big triumphal announcement. Word around on the weekend was that nothing like that was in the offing — and this crew of senators seem far too motley to keep any sort of false front.


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24 thoughts on “Rundle: the government’s Escherian spiral to nowhere

  1. Exactly!

    To get the budget through the PM is heading off to war. PM Abbott, Catholic war hero and scourge of Orthodox Russia and the Islamic State.

  2. Luke Hellboy

    A COALition wishlist versus an old, white businessman wishlist… there’s a difference?

  3. Jaybuoy

    trying to second guess an eighty three year old who only reacts to his jawbone and is busy being massaged by his nubile employee on a semi constant basis is not easy…

  4. rhwombat

    Another good one Grundle. I expect we’ll soon hear from One-Hand-Fapping and his Menzies House Kindergarten mates, telling us that to ignore these apostasies and return to the dreadful calumnies against Pope Rupert and his court.

  5. rhonaj

    I rang my sister in Scotland the other day, a retired journalist, to find out what she thought of the T. Abbott comments on Scottish independence, apologising in advance for the T Ab by saying he is our George W, The return was “he is worse than George W Bush”

  6. The Old Bill

    Kind of makes you almost wish for the Howard Costello era, where the only promises they broke were non core ones and they actually believed in global warming, reskilling, almost affordable education and healthcare for poor people. This current lot don’t seem to even listen to each other, let alone the polls. (Which is quite strange because before the election that’s all they cared about.)

  7. Trog Sorrenson

    [they’re not the firemen come to put out the fire, they’re the strippers dressed as firemen]

    Why didn’t Bill Shorten think of this analogy!

  8. Neutral

    Strippers dressed as fireman? Thank that Bronny is the MC and not the action…

  9. Karen

    Agree with your central message, Guy. If Abbott was to show leadership and negotiate skills on the budget, ironically in the way that Gillard was most famous for, he stands to save a large slab of his agenda and quite possibly his government.

    As for the public, if it wanted the Labor agenda implemented, then it should have voted for Gillard who would have done it by now and would have been onto the next big thing. What was it thinking in voting for this ideological, incompetent wrecker we’ve all now got to put up with.

  10. Steve777

    Tony Abbott is our George W Bush – only not as smart and not as eloquent.

    But it’s an interesting question – who, if anyone, is running the show. Tony Abbott seems to have had a plan for Opposition – oppose everything – while having little idea of what to do when he won government. Much of the time he still seems to be still fighting the 2013 election.

    Presumeably Christopher Pyne and Peter Dutton were developing their plans for health and eduction during opposition – in secret – and now seem to be running their own shows. Joe Hockey was always going to deliver for Big Business, Scott Morrison for xenophobes.

    When are the adults arriving to take charge?

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